• Sharing my experiences and insights on practicing Gentleness, Human Design, Content Marketing, and Dance.

    We are always in flow, moving from one moment to the next. But what makes us want to freeze time, or to fast forward to our future? Our emotions. When we are in happy and joyous times, we wish that these moments will last forever. When we dive deep in despair and are on the verge of losing...
    Pavitra Gurumurthi coaches highly sensitive women who are tired of being overwhelmed by their emotional ups and downs. Being in the same business mastermind for authentic solopreneurs, I felt very connected to her business and the way she radiates gentleness. We had a lovely thirty-minute chat...
    August 21, 2020 · poem,Gentleness
    This poem was first published on 21-Aug-2020 in Medium's Spiritual Tree publication. My mind gets obsessed with thoughts when I think about not thinking. My emotions can get haywire as they tear me away from my body. But Gentleness Ah! What a beautiful word! So soft so tactile so light...
    August 18, 2020 · GentlenessInterviews
    First published on 18-Aug-2020 on ILLUMINATION Publication on Medium. This article is part of an interview series, where I ask fellow sensitive healers, coaches, artists, and spiritual teachers how they embody Gentleness in their businesses and personal lives. I call them Gentleness...
    May 3, 2020 · human design,Empaths,Setting Boundaries
    Ursa Swensen and I are part of George Kao's authentic business mentoring group Masterheart 2020, and through our interactions we have gotten to know each others' gifts more clearly. It's so wonderful that we both identify as Empaths / Sensitives too! She was just recently featured in my...
    Yes I believe in the healing power of Gentleness. Just listening to the word “Gentleness” already starts to initiate a gentle ripple healing effect throughout my entire being. Gentleness can be applied throughout our physical and psychic senses. It can be felt in our physical, emotional, mental,...
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