• On Intuitive Content Marketing

    #1. Natalie, Human Design Coach, USA
    "Working with Bingz has been so great. She helped me get clear on how to structure my Medium articles, how to submit to publications so I can be more visible, and also helped me see things in my Human Design chart that I could really use in my writing to make it much more "me". She also asked me questions that I could answer as articles to help build my content to help my readers really get to know who I am and what I stand for. Her clarity and support is priceless!"

    (Aug 23, 2021)


    #2. Ranjani Rao, Writer, Singapore 

    “Yesterday I had a lovely chat with Bingz Huang where we talked about Human Design. Even though I didn't know much about it, in our short time together, Bingz was able to tell me things about myself which felt like she was showing me a mirror into my inner self and my motivations.
    I highly recommend a session with Bingz for building self-awareness and also for using the information from the session to clarify your thoughts on the best ways to connect with people while creating your ideal life.
    I am glad I was able to have this discussion with Bingz which has made me more curious about Human Design and how to use the knowledge wisely. I look forward to learning more!”

    (Aug 18, 2021)


    #3. Elana Christiansen, USA
    “Hi Bingz, Thank you for this! I really have no idea what Human Design is, so this was very interesting to read. I resonate with everything you wrote!
    I love your idea about finding things on Medium that I feel comfortable with. I don't know where to start, but I'm going to spend some time looking on the site.”

    (May 13, 2021)


    #4. Anu Anniah, Writer and Author, India
    “Before I met Bingz, I knew nothing about Human Design. She hosted a session to analyse my Human Design Chart and told me that my Incarnation Cross is the Vessel of Love. It sounded perfect! Vessel of love - yup! That'd be me. Bingz pointed out that I carry a lot of love in my heart and that I am naturally gentle. I was surprised by her analysis because she didn't actually know me well. That a Human Design Chart holds so much information was interesting.

    The best part was how she connected all my articles to my persona. She saw a pattern that I had not noticed. No matter what I wrote about, the central theme was love - an interesting insight into my writing style. Clearly, that is my strength and the more I play to it, the better I will be along this path."

    (Mar 23, 2021)


    #5 Tia Ma, Holistic Trauma Resilience Coach, USA

    "I’ve never had a Gentleness Ambassador take me under her wing, shine a brilliant beam of reflection and encouragement and lead by example such as the talented and adorable Bingz Huang. She’s both the hummingbird and the nectar as she precisely names strengths in me that have not been reflected before.

    She gave the first interview of my new career and continues to guide me by her impeccable prompts, honest feedback and acknowledgment in her Medium Starter Course. Her netcaring lends confidence in finding my own gentle approach, rather than the blaring rocket of confrontation I can tend towards.

    As she embodies ferocious compassion and tenderness, I’m inspired to see new perspectives and find myself challenged in the best of ways."

    (April, 2021)

  • On Article Writing

    As a busy coach and trainer with two teenage daughters, Sofie Hon doesn't have much time to repurpose and extend the lifespan of her valuable content. It's been my absolute joy and honor to help her select some of her popular Facebook posts, and repurpose them into more polished articles on Medium.com, a popular online publishing platform. So far, I've written 5 long articles of around 800-1300 words for her on her Medium profile.