• Dear Gentle Ones

    Do you believe that your life can be AMAZING and full of WONDER?

    Do you prefer to live a gentle life but yet the world seems too harsh to honor your gentleness?


    You might be experiencing any of these situations:

    • feeling too overwhelemed and drained by the people around you 
    • feeling uncomfortable being more visible in your life
    • suffering from anxiety
    • tolerating chronic pains while you work 
    • feeling more challenged instead of feeling supported in your close relationships 
    I would love to be of service to you.

    Hi I'm Bingz!

    I am an Energy Healer, an Empath and

    a new mom to 3 young boys

    I feel called to help fellow gentle humans

    feel lighter and live more joyfully.

    Praise from past clients

    Ana Coeur (USA)

    Cupid at www.coeurthecupid.com

    I call Bingz before I call my doctor! In fact, after meeting Bingz, I don't really have use for a doctor. I've been working with Bingz since 2015 and we've had probably more than 200 sessions by now (I lost count), healing emotional, physical and spiritual issues. I bring them all to her for healing because I have learned not to hang on to any pain or discomfort if I don't have to (and we don't have to!). We usually don't work on the same issues more than once. That is how powerful, transformative, overhauling and light-speed her healing sessions are! During these 3 years, I've watched myself shift and shift and shift after every healing session, from a frightful child feeling unsafe in the world to being a superpower goddess. Bingz is so gentle, compassionate, so kind and brings so much comfort. There is never any judgment - only light and gentle and joyful solutions. Whatever issue I bring to Bingz, she is able to help me unwind it fully so that any physical or emotional discomfort is resolved quickly. Bingz has been the best gift that I've ever received from God/Goddess and I don't know what I would do without her. I trust her fully.


    Besides the healing and transformation, the best gifts that Bingz have given me in our sessions is the clarity of my own wisdom. Each session brings with it a new realization about myself, as well as the completion of a profound lesson, distilled into a capsule of wisdom from either my higher self, my spiritual team, or both. From working with Bingz, you probably won’t ever remember why you were in pain to begin with (for example, I can’t even remember what we did last week because that pain is so history!), but what you do take with you is the wisdom, the growth, the experience and the spiritual maturity. To gain profound insight about your past hurts and how you go on from there as a self-authoritative spiritual adult – this part I find to be the most precious, poignant and life-changing. This part is what you ultimately receive, along with Bingz's healing energy and her presence, which is an incredible gift in and of itself.


    I recommend Bingz to everyone I love and to anyone who is hurting. She is absolutely magical, one-of-a-kind and a rare talent. I just can't even find the right words to express my gratitude and how much she has transformed my life. I love you, Bingz and thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    Simon Berkowitz (United Kingdom)


    A big thank you to Bingz for our session. I have a tendency to overthink things sometimes (often!) that can lead me into negative self-talk and this is what I brought to our session to explore.


    Bingz introduced me to one of the methods that she works with and as she guided me through the process I began to experience a deep relaxation and clarity. It brought me very much into the present moment and enabled me to become much more grounded in this physical reality rather than in my thoughts.


    What has surprised me since the session is how effective and powerful the method is for working with on my own. It is such an easy way to boost my energy that it has become a regular part of my working day.

    Anonymous (Singapore)

    For healing anxiety

    "When I first came to you I was unsure of myself and my place in the world. I had anxiety attacks and emotional baggage from the past that I had to let go off, but I didn't know how to do it.

    Your sessions helped me to connect with the stuck feelings and energies within me, and allowed me to release them from my system.

    With you I felt safe and cared for, and I felt that no matter what I had gone through, no matter how embarrasing or painful, you never judged me for it.


    I think my anxiety has reduced by 30-50% (after 3 sessions). It depends on the day and trigger. I know I still have some way to go in managing my anxiety. But for emotional baggage clearance it is 80%!


    My inner child was able to trust you as you are a dear nurturing soul. I truly believe you are a special and loving healer."

    Anonymous (Singapore)

    For healing anxiety

    "Bingz is a natural at what she does providing a safe space for me to process my emotions in a non-judgemental way, connecting to my own inner wisdom and body. I feel supported and acknowledged in the work we do together, feeling that I’m empowered to make the change I want, instead of her fixing my problems for me. I recommend anyone who is having problem with getting clarity in life to get in touch with Bingz."
    Sharon, Singapore

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