• Dear Authentic Solopreneurs

    Don't we all prefer to live a Gentle life?

    Peace. Rest. Love. Harmony. Abundance, including financial abundance!


    Sometimes the world seems too harsh to honor our Gentleness.


    If you are experiencing any of these situations listed or more...I can help:

    • feeling too overwhelmed and drained by the people around you 
    • feeling uncomfortable being more visible in your life
    • suffering from anxiety
    • tolerating chronic pains while you work 
    • feeling like you need to hide who you are to make others feel more comfortable around you
    • sacrificing your own needs and wants so as to avoid feeling rage from others. 
    Even though the situations described above may feel common-- just part and parcel of living and surviving in these transitioning times...
    But maybe inside, you know that to feel this way is just not right. You never came to Earth to just live and not know Peace.
    You know that in reality, life is Amazing, filled with Wonder and Love!
    So where is this?
    You're filled with hope and joy... and you want to hold this in every part of your life.
    It's time to Recalibrate.

    Hi I'm Bingz from sunny Singapore!

    I am an Intuitive Healer, an Empath, and

    a Mom to 3 young boys

    I feel called to help fellow Sensitives (no matter where you live in the world)

    feel lighter and live more joyfully.

    I wrote a book about Gentleness :)

    Is it possible to live in a world filled with Gentleness, Compassion and Kindness?

    In this short and therapeutic read, I share about:

    • How I discovered the hidden theme of Gentleness throughout her episodes of Overwhelm.
    • Why Gentleness is a natural default state and how you can restore Gentleness again.
    • How to detect and release hidden sources of Harshness in our everyday lives.
    • How Gentleness can be a magical ingredient to help you recreate a gentler and more loving reality so you can feel safe and free to be who you are.

    Give this a read to restore faith and trust in the quiet power of Gentleness!

    *This book is available at Amazon as a Kindle book (free with Kindle Unlimited membership) and as a paperback version.

    Kind Praise from my loving clients

    Jan Gray (Scotland)

    For my course: Introduction to Human Design for Sensitives


    "I have learned so much about myself and my immediate family through this course. Being encouraged & enabled to interpret my Human Design Chart, through the clear explanations, exercises and personal examples so generously shared by Bingz felt so meaningful. All of this information immediately felt supportive in raising awareness, acceptance & appreciation of myself & my loved ones. Instead of being confused & in conflict about our differences I feel much more respectful, willing and able to find better ways to understand & care for in new ways. I would highly recommend Bingz and the care she invests & infuses into this wonderfully comprehensive introductory course."


    For a private healing session


    Dear Bingz,
    Thank you for your amazing healing yesterday.
    I was aware of much more peace, space & Patience yesterday and I awoke feeling much lighter & mire refreshed than I have felt for a very longtime.
    I attribute these sensations to our time together.
    Very grateful & excited for future potential
    With Love & thanks

    Liesel Teversham (United Kingdom)

    To feel peace, hope and freedom

    "I recently had a lovely, gentle Human Design Healing Intuitive Journeying session with Bingz.

    What I especially loved about it was how she listened deeply to everything I shared, and then took the next necessary step with her healing modalities. I felt safe right from the start. Her loving, sweet, gentle nature is so present and so calming.

    She guided us through looking at where the most ‘bothersome’ of my open centres were… the places where I feel most 'interference' from other people's energy. She helped me to feel peace, hope and a sense of freedom at each point.

    So many possibilities opened up for me during and after the session. I felt ‘light’ and free. Thank you Bingz!"

    Sharon Tan (Singapore)

    For healing anxiety

    "Bingz is a natural at what she does providing a safe space for me to process my emotions in a non-judgemental way, connecting to my own inner wisdom and body. I feel supported and acknowledged in the work we do together, feeling that I’m empowered to make the change I want, instead of her fixing my problems for me. I recommend anyone who is having problem with getting clarity in life to get in touch with Bingz."

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