• Human Design Healing & Coaching Session

    Using your chart as a tool for self-awareness, healing, and personal growth

    So, you've had your first Human Design chart reading. You're amazed at how accurate your chart describes who you are and you've also recognized certain aspects of you that are out of alignment with your chart. 


    How can you move forward to realigning more with your energetic blueprint, so you can feel more fulfilled and joyful in your life?


    I'm offering this 30-minute Human Design healing and coaching session, designed for you to use your Human Design chart as a practical tool for self-awareness, healing, and personal growth. 


    Here are the pre-requisites to book this session:

    1. You will need to at least be familiar with your Energy Type, Strategy, and Inner Authority in order to benefit from these laser focus sessions. 

    2. You’re open to sharing how you’re feeling, and how your feelings might be shifting as the healing progresses. 


    For these sessions, you’re welcome to have any one of these intentions:

    • A life situation you’d like to heal and gain more insight on based on your Human Design chart.
    • A specific goal or vision you’d like to move towards. 
    • Learn and practice how to manage your energetic sensitivity, based on your Open or Undefined Centers (in white)
    • Learn and practice how to follow your Energy Type’s strategy
    • Heal significant past events where you were seriously misaligned with your chart
    • Heal a specific physical issue/challenge

    What a Healing & Coaching Session With Me Looks Like

    This is a scheduled half-hour session where we meet over online Zoom.  

    Before we meet, I will ask you for:

    • Your Human Design chart. 
    • One main intention you'd like to work on. 


    For all of these intentions, a single session will most probably not be enough to resolve your challenge or achieve your goal/vision. But you will gain much more insight on how you can start moving towards your intention and align more to your Human Design chart. You will also feel more relaxed and grounded in your true self. 


    When we are optimally aligned to our Human Design charts, we are optimally aligned to receiving maximum fulfillment in our health, relationships, and abundance. 


    Your session will be recorded with your permission, and I will upload it as an unlisted YouTube video and send you the URL to watch. Only you, me, and anyone you want to share the link with will have access to the video. Other than that, it will be completely private.

    Here's a Recent Testimonial

    Tara Whitney, USA 

    “I had a really powerful Human Design Healing session with Bingz! I'm new to Human Design and Bingz has offered me new insight and guidance around how to work with my design and strengths. 


    She was working with my chronic hip pain and offered me a few themes and areas that I could focus on that would help me to heal. 


    Acceptance was a big one and Bingz delivered the guidance in a way that I could hear and take in, without judgment or blame. 


    Bingz is so intuitive and everything she shared resonated with me. I finished the session feeling lighter and more open. I got so much out of the session and I know her energy work has supported my healing in many ways.”

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    More about my Training, Gifts, and Experience

    4/6 Sacral Generator with 5 Undefined Centers

    In addition to being trained in Level 1 Human Design by Karen Curry Parker five years ago and offering Human Design chart readings for the past five years, I am also trained as a certified instructor in a very gentle healing modality called The Wonder Method since 2016. Using my intuition, I’ve discovered that I’m able to energetically tune in and realign various aspects of my clients’ Human Design charts, such as their energy centers, Profile, and channels. 
    I’ve been facilitating healing for my friends, family members, and myself in this unique way, and I look forward to facilitating healing and coaching for you this way too. 

    How To Book a Reading With Me

    Early Bird Exploratory Price: USD$50 (half-hour private session over Zoom, with recording) 

    Payment in USD can be made via Stripe or Paypal.

    Alternatively, you can pay SGD$60 via PayNow or Paylah to my mobile number 

    (please email me at bingz@bingzhuanghealer.com if you'd like to make the payment this way)


    With gratitude,