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    From the Womb of Gentleness

    An illustrated poetry book

    From the Womb of Gentleness arose this collection of my poems and beautiful illustrations created by children's book illustrator, Yuanhui Chen. We are both sensitive Empaths and nurturing mothers of young children.


    This book is created to support you in being gentler with yourself and with your world. Thank you for being open to the magical medicine of Gentleness.


    Aloha to you and forever,
    Bingz and Yuanhui

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    Empower Your Life With Gentleness

    A guide to feeling safe and free to be you

    In this short and therapeutic read, you will learn:

    • How Bingz Huang, Intuitive Healer and Mom of three, discovered the hidden theme of Gentleness throughout her episodes of Overwhelm.
    • Why Gentleness is a natural default state and how you can restore Gentleness again.
    • How to detect and release hidden sources of Harshness in our everyday lives.
    • How Gentleness can be a magical ingredient to help you recreate a gentler and more loving reality so you can feel safe and free to be who you are.


    Give this a read to restore faith and trust in the quiet power of Gentleness!