• Energy Healing Session

    For Energetically Aware/Sensitive People who want to stop overthinking and feel Peace and Joy again

    Are you feeling blindsided by unexpected challenges in your life and you hate feeling that way?

    You are a Highly Sensitive Person and/or Empath or suspect that you are one.


    You take great care in looking after your mental and emotional well-being because you can get easily affected by the drama happening in people around you or by unexpected changes in your life.


    Sometimes, an unexpected life challenge can cause energetic upheaval to other aspects of your life, leaving you even more overwhelmed and upset. You hate feeling that way, especially when you desire and know intuitively that life is meant to be joyful and fulfilling.


    Your usual self-care practices don't seem to help you process these huge painful emotions, and you are tired of ignoring them constantly. 


    You need a nonjudgmental person to hold a gentle energetic space to unwind from all that feels overwhelming and upsetting.


    You believe that once you've given yourself the time and space to process and unwind these painful thoughts and emotions, you will naturally have more clarity on what you need to do to move forward with more peace and joy.



    Hi, I'm Bingz (:

    I hold space for energetically aware and creative people to be gentle with their feelings and express themselves authentically, so they can thrive doing their sacred work.
    It's harder for us to be gentle with our painful feelings. I'd love to hold a gentle and healing space for you to process those painful feelings, so you can reconnect to your peace, joy, and clarity again.
    During our 30-minute session together, I will be using a gentle and effective energy-healing method called The Wonder Method, in which I am certified in.
    You don't need to share too much detail about your painful challenges. You can simply share a brief statement of the issues you'd like to work on, so I can facilitate the healing for you.
    Here are some client testimonials to give you an idea of what healing could look or feel like.

    Some Testimonials

    "Bingz has a calming and gentle energy that radiates through her healing sessions. I didn't know what to expect from The Wonder Method healing session with Bingz but she made sure I felt comfortable and explained the technique and how it works with ease. 
    I felt heard and seen throughout the experience, and most of all, supported to share and work through my emotions in the safe nurturing space Bingz held for me. 
    I recommend her healing sessions to anyone interested, and anyone wanting to move through challenges, and gain deeper insight into themselves. As an energetically sensitive person, I found the session with Bingz really healing and enjoyable. "
    ~Camille G, Australia
    "I recently experienced an energy healing session with Bingz. The whole experience was so pleasant and refreshing, I felt as if I was cleansed and refilled energetically! Bingz held a beautiful space in which I felt completely safe. I felt the impact of the healing in the session itself, my energy field relaxed and the issue I was addressing held a lot less charge after only 30 minutes (and now nearly a week on, feels virtually nonexistent/not charged emotionally at all). My session was in the morning and I had a fantastic day, floating through my busy day and it had a lasting impact on my week too. Highly highly recommended! Thank you so much Bingz.🙏"
    ~Mojca Henigman, Germany
    "I had a mini-healing session with Bingz using TWM, and it was gentle and profound at the same time. I felt gentle releases of tension areas in my body, and Bingz honed in on a “tension” area in my body that resulted in a feeling of mental clarity I haven’t had for a long time. I felt safe and appreciated how Bingz checked in and honored my own body’s knowing. I felt grounded and clear afterwards, and found myself channeling new ideas and an article almost effortlessly. Thank you, Bingz!"
    ~Colleen Adrian, Canada
    "I recently had the pleasure of receiving a TWM session from Bingz. Bingz and I met for the appointment over Zoom, and she conducted the session remotely.
    I’m a Reiki practitioner, so I’m comfortable with complementary healing methods, but I was unfamiliar with this method and wasn’t sure what to expect. Bingz’s calm and open presence immediately made me comfortable with participating in the session.
    Bingz asked for me to state an issue that was troubling me. I’m a US citizen, and I told her I am very concerned about what is happening in my country, the erosion of our democracy. Obviously, this is not an issue that could be solved in a session, but the healing made me feel grounded and strong, ready to continue with my activism in a positive frame of mind.
    An interesting physical effect was a strengthening of my back. I’ve had a mild case of scoliosis since I was a teen. My spine is slightly curved, and sitting straight in a chair can be difficult. But here I was, sitting straight and tall, with no effort. I felt as though a strong, but gentle, brace had been placed around my chest and upper back. A lovely sensation that lasted about an hour.
    The positive frame of mind, however, lasted much longer.
    If you have an issue you would like assistance with healing or clarifying, I recommend Bingz and her gentle, beautiful work. The work itself is subtle, but the effects are powerful. "
    Pam Sourelis, Woodstock, IL, USA
    "I had a mini session with Bingz to get some clarity around some of the blocks I’m feeling around my vision. Bingz was reassuring and held space for me while I was processing. With the Wonder Method, I gained new insights into how I may take action toward my vision and felt calmer at the end of the session. Thanks, Bingz!"
    Sharon Tan, Holistic practitioner and business owner, Singapore

    This session is not suitable for you if you:

    • Need specific strategies and advice to solve your problems
    • Are looking for intuitive or psychic advice to solve your problems
    • Are not sensitive to your feelings and sensations in your body
    • Are not comfortable relaxing mostly in silence.
    • Are doubtful about the benefits of energy healing 

    How To Book a Reading With Me

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    With gratitude,



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