• Energy Healing Session

    Using The Wonder MethodTM

    What Is The Wonder MethodTM?

    • A gentle, very Yin/unfolding method for doing healing work
    • A way to unwind limiting emotions
    • A way to quiet the mind of its chattering
    • A way to open and allow you to Awaken

    Through The Wonder MethodTM, You Can Experience:


    • Being guided back to your core self
    • Freeing yourself from the drama in your life
    • Solving problems in unique and wondrous ways
    • Waking up and seeing life as the game it is
    • Using your “baggage” as the tool to set you free
    • Opening and allowing yourself to be fully immersed in joy
    • Dreaming a whole new reality into being
    • Finding balance and enlightenment

    Some Testimonials

    "I recently had the pleasure of receiving a TWM session from Bingz. Bingz and I met for the appointment over Zoom, and she conducted the session remotely. 

    I’m a Reiki practitioner, so I’m comfortable with complementary healing methods, but I was unfamiliar with this method and wasn’t sure what to expect. Bingz’s calm and open presence immediately made me comfortable with participating in the session. 

    Bingz asked for me to state an issue that was troubling me. I’m a US citizen, and I told her I am very concerned about what is happening in my country, the erosion of our democracy. Obviously, this is not an issue that could be solved in a session, but the healing made me feel grounded and strong, ready to continue with my activism in a positive frame of mind. 

    An interesting physical effect was a strengthening of my back. I’ve had a mild case of scoliosis since I was a teen. My spine is slightly curved, and sitting straight in a chair can be difficult. But here I was, sitting straight and tall, with no effort. I felt as though a strong, but gentle, brace had been placed around my chest and upper back. A lovely sensation that lasted about an hour. 

    The positive frame of mind, however, lasted much longer. 

    If you have an issue you would like assistance with healing or clarifying, I recommend Bingz and her gentle, beautiful work. The work itself is subtle, but the effects are powerful. "

    Pam Sourelis, Woodstock, IL, USA


    "I had a mini session with Bingz to get some clarity around some of the blocks I’m feeling around my vision. Bingz was reassuring and held space for me while I was processing. With the Wonder Method, I gained new insights around how I may take actions towards my vision and felt more calm at the end of the session. Thanks Bingz!"

    Sharon Tan, Holistic practitioner and business owner, Singapore



    More about my Training, Gifts, and Experience


    I am trained as a certified instructor in The Wonder Method since 2016 and have recently taken a refresher course in Dec 2021. 
    My clients find my presence gentle, friendly, and calming.  


    I’ve been facilitating healing for my clients, friends, family members, and myself in this unique way, and I look forward to facilitating healing and coaching for you this way too. 

    How To Book a Reading With Me

    Early Bird Exploratory Price: USD$50 (half-hour private session over Zoom, with recording) 

    Payment in USD can be made via Stripe or Paypal.

    Alternatively, you can pay SGD$60 via PayNow or Paylah to my mobile number 

    (please email me at if you'd like to make the payment this way)


    With gratitude,



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Terms & Conditions
Terms and Conditions:
Please note that I am not a health professional so I do not give any medical diagnosis. If you have any issue that require any medical attention please do seek advice from a qualified health professional.
Cancellations and Refunds
A full refund will be given for a paid single session if the notice is given at least 24 hours before the scheduled appointment. 
There will be no refunds made for paid packages if the first session is already in progress.