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Why We Struggle to Be in the Now

We are always in flow, moving from one moment to the next. But what makes us want to freeze time, or to fast forward to our future?

Our emotions.

When we are in happy and joyous times, we wish that these moments will last forever.

When we dive deep in despair and are on the verge of losing hope, we wish that we can fast forward to a future where we can feel safe and loved again.

Do you try to outsmart time?

We become renegade time-travelers, always trying to outsmart time.

In these painful pandemic times, it seems that many of us are manipulating time a lot more often.

  • Some of us who are suffering from profound grief will try to travel back to the past when their loved ones were still alive and well.
  • Some of us who are fortunate enough to be with their families might try to freeze time because they are too afraid of the unknown future.
  • Others who feel isolated and alone in quarantine are trying to leap forward to a future where they feel safe, loved, and connected again.

Abundance is our natural birthright.

I believe that it is natural for us to be abundant, be it in our physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and financial health.

But whenever we feel overtaken by our emotions and want to trick the natural passage of time, our minds slow down the energetic flow in our bodies.

We start to feel stuck within our bodies and sabotage our natural state of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial abundance.

Tell your mind to stop controlling what it can’t control — Time.

When your mind stops pushing against time, you start to let your energies flow more naturally. Your natural state of well-being and abundance becomes restored.

As you let the seconds go by without resisting, you slip in more deeply into the eternity of who you are. You trust your life to bring you wherever you need to go, and experience whatever you need to feel. You feel safe and loved every moment.

Are you in the flow right now?

Do you allow yourself to keep moving on from moment to moment?

Do you let yourself flow in your natural state of well-being and abundance?

There are many ways for you to release stuckness and be in the Now:

  • Observe and follow the way you breathe in and out naturally, without trying to change it.
  • Notice the parts of your body where you tend to hold tension, such as your neck and shoulders, lower back, and hips. These stiff areas might be holding emotional stress from your past unresolved memories too. Some of us are great at releasing these tensions through therapeutic bodywork, and some of us might prefer using modalities that focus on releasing the stuck emotions first. Experiment to find out which approach works better for you.
  • Process relationships that have ended intentionally or abruptly, but are still clinging onto your heart and mind. Sometimes we need to keep making peace with these relationships so that we can have the closure that we need.
  • Create safe boundaries, so you feel safer to be in your current environment. You might need to limit the type of news you read, unnecessary commitments, time spend on social media and perhaps focus on the work and passions that feel much more meaningful to you.

I hope that reading this article restores your hope and trust in the phrase “this too shall pass.” No matter what happens, as long as we trust in each moment, we will always be in the right flow of abundance.

I wish you a beautiful, bountiful life!

Previously published on Aug 22, 2020 in Change Your Mind, Change Your Life publication.