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I Meditate on Gentleness

A poem

· poem,Gentleness

My mind gets obsessed with thoughts
when I think about not thinking.
My emotions can get haywire
as they tear me away from my body.

But Gentleness
Ah! What a beautiful word!
So soft
so tactile
so light
and loving.

This word, Gentleness,
touches my mind so very gently
just enough to trigger my imagination
on how gentle Gentleness can be.

I let my guard down
as I enter me into me.
Suddenly I have giant pores
allowing everything to flow freely in and out of me!

There’s a lovely warmth on my face
tingling with pure pulsating aliveness.
The cells in me are freed
as they awaken with passion!

I dance!
My soul dances!
I’m free
I’m agile
I’m brimming with joy
overspilling to the world around me.

Interrupting their dazed existence
beckoning to the awakened ones to run towards me
so we can hold hands and giggle like kids again
playing on Earth
just like in our heavenly dreams.

Come dance with me!