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Gentleness As a Way of Being

An interview with Marie-Eve Provencher — Inner Light Facilitator
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This article is part of an interview series, where I ask fellow sensitive healers, coaches, artists, and spiritual teachers how they embody Gentleness in their businesses and personal lives. I call them Gentleness Ambassadors :)

I am excited to share with you the highlights of my interview with Marie-Eve Provencher! Marie-Eve is an Inner Light Facilitator based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

She practices Gentleness as a natural way of Being, which I feel is so rarely seen and witnessed!

Source: Marie-Eve Provencher

More about Marie-Eve Provencher

Initiated very early on in alternative medicine, Marie-Eve has been immersed in this universe since she was a little girl. After receiving her first acupuncture treatment over 20 years ago, she has not stopped learning different facets of healing ever since.

Plants, Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Yoga, Shiatsu… So many ways to stay healthy, to listen to your body, and to achieve autonomy in healing one’s self.

She has given intuitive healing conversations to people from all around the world. It is always such a pleasure for her to connect with beautiful souls and to see the shift of energy as they enter into their inner wisdom. She says:

“Through energetic harmonization and intuitive conversations, I help you gain a greater connection with your Self, in order to allow you to touch your deep Essence and fully embrace your power.”

Here are the highlights of our interview.

The questions I asked her are categorized in headings and Marie-Eve’s answers are under each heading.

How do you facilitate intuitive healing conversations as an Inner Light Facilitator?

These are very genuine talks that I have with my clients. Through these conversations, I get insights on where my clients are energetically at at that moment in their lives, and what could help them tap into their essence.


I help them get closer to who they truly are.

Can you share more about your deep foundation and passion about Alternative Medicine?

I’ve been interested in Alternative Medicine since I received my first acupuncture treatment at 15 years old which was a long time ago!

I studied shiatsu, yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, herbalism, etc.These are all ways that help us stay healthy and that we can integrate into our daily lives.

You can stay healthy by being attentive and listening to what’s happening in your body. I also see it as a way of being in harmony with the environment, by using plants and by using Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine, which are connected to the seasons in nature.

Listening to your body is a way of being gentle and kind to yourself.

Being gentle and kind to yourself this way can feel so strange for some of us, who might prefer to take pills to ‘make the pain go away.’

We often feel that Gentleness has to be towards other people, which we are very good at most of the time! But being gentle with ourselves is the first step.

It’s like when you’re in an airplane, and they say to put on your oxygen mask on you before you put it on for others.

By helping yourself first, you can then help others. I feel that this is the same for Gentleness.

If you allow yourself to embrace that and to give it to yourself, then you’re so much more able to give it to the others around you.

How would you describe Gentleness?

Gentleness is how you make other people feel.

It can be either through taking actions, through an attitude, or a thought that you have towards someone.

It’s focused on how does it make the other person feel.

What’s your intention behind it for the other person?

It’s to make the other person feel good.
It’s to make the other person feel comfortable.
It’s to be considerate for the other person and yourself as well.

For me, it’s a very important way of Being.

It’s not something random that you do sometimes, like “oh I’m gonna do an act of gentleness!”

It is utterly important for me and for us to be gentle to others and in every area of our lives.

It’s just in all those little details of life that you express your Gentleness, but it’s a way of Being.

How are you embodying Gentleness in your business?

Well, I am always embodying Gentleness, regardless of whether it’s through my business or personal life.

Gentleness is just a way of Being.

I take care of my clients in these ways:

  • By being very aware of how they feel
  • By being very attentive that they feel comfortable in the conversation, so they feel accepted and seen in who they truly are
  • To validate who they are and for them to feel that they are fully allowed to be who they are

These are important for me and I will try to transmit these values to them through my intuitive healing conversations with them.

What kind of Harshness do your clients come to you for processing and releasing?

Sometimes I feel my clients are shy, so it’s just up to me to readjust the way I speak to them, so they feel comfortable.

What I believe is that when you approach people with Gentleness, when you approach them with love, it really truly helps in melting the Harshness.

You welcome them in a space where they feel welcomed, where they feel that they belong, and then there’s no need for harshness.

Bingz: Yes, I think a lot of us we go about in our daily lives carrying a sort of energetic armor, a kind of protective shield in our daily interactions.

You know the reason why we build this protective armor is that we have felt threatened and unsafe at some point in our life, most probably during our childhood.

But if you feel that you’re in front of someone who means no harm, and you feel fully welcomed, then those armors tend to melt away.

Of course, you can’t ask someone to get rid of all the armor in a minute. The worst thing to do is to push someone else’s boundaries.

By respecting their limits and boundaries, they feel that they can let their guard down a little bit because they feel comfortable and safe with you.

What kind of harshness have you released in your personal life so far?

I used to have a very bad temper and it came from so many layers of things:

  • not feeling that I was appropriate
  • not feeling that I belonged
  • not feeling that I was being loved
  • not accepting myself the way I was

By working on myself, though of course, it didn’t happen overnight, learning to be gentle towards me really helped!

It’s still a lifetime’s work to be gentle towards what’s here in myself. To welcome and embrace even the things that I was not proud of or things that made me exclaim “oh my god I can’t believe I’m still doing that!”

Sometimes I thought I had healed that part of me. I thought I got rid of that!

We never ever get rid of anything — we just have to feel it. It’s in these moments that it’s so important to remain gentle with ourselves and to say:

“It’s okay, it’s all right. It’s here and it’s great. It’s teaching me something and let’s see what it’s teaching me. Let’s take the gift out of it and then let’s move on.”

Life is an ongoing journey!

What is the current layer of Harshness you are working on in your life?

I’ve just stepped out of one. I was feeling a lot of resistance up until fairly recently it is gone. I can’t tell you what will be the next one. Now I’m just gonna enjoy that I have gone through that step.

The way I see life and the way I see things that we encounter in life is like stairs that we climb in a staircase.

So I was on the stairs. I was in front of the step of encountering, acknowledging, and accepting my resistance. So now I’m on the next step, so I’ll see what life brings me next.

I am enjoying where I’m at, for now, which is great!

On the importance of maintaining a balance between the inner and outer worlds

It’s just so important that everything is balanced.

Internally I am aware of what’s happening inside me, and I’m also aware of what’s happening in my surroundings and what’s coming to me in order for all of it to be in balance again.

I am not outside of the world and what’s happening around me, and I’m certainly not external to what’s happening inside me. So for me to keep all that in balance, it’s my whole life’s purpose!

For instance, I feel that all of my friends are people who are nurturing me and are very positive. I truly resonate with them and it goes in both directions. I am also bringing them what they need. It’s the same for my family too, and everyone else around me.

It’s so important that my work reflects who I truly am. I’ve been struggling so long in my life because the work that I was doing wasn’t reflecting who I am inside. That’s why I call myself an Inner Light Facilitator — what I feel deep inside me is what I have to bring to the world.

What final message would you like to give to the world about Gentleness?

I feel especially now, with all this happening in the world, being gentler with ourselves, and being gentler with the people around us is tremendously important.

Don’t forget to be gentle.
Don’t forget to be kind to people.

It can make such an immense difference in the world we live in. And it can be as simple as smiling to the people, with your eyes if you’re wearing a mask.

Just smile and emanate that energy of “it’s gonna be okay”.
And to be loving towards one another is really important!

Gentleness is a way of Being

Finally, here is a short excerpt where Marie-Eve describes how Gentleness is a Way of Being and how we can practice being gentler to others and ourselves in our daily life. Enjoy listening to her soothing voice :)

A big thank you to Marie-Eve for such a healing and insightful conversation!

If you are interested in connecting with Marie-Eve Provencher, do contact her through her website and Facebook page.

Credit: Photo by Kumiko SHIMIZU on Unsplash