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    Bingz Huang is a Gentleness Coach and Intuitive Healer, who believes in the magical healing power of Gentleness. She is passionate about helping fellow Sensitive souls understand and manage their Sensitivity with Gentleness. She helps them be gentler on themselves through understanding their unique sensitivity challenges that are often invisible to others, using their Human Design charts. Through unwinding their feelings about their life challenges with her, her clients often find it easy to release anxiety, fatigue and overwhelm within a single session. She is also the author of her first book: Empowering your Life with Gentleness - A Simple Guide to Feeling Safe and Free to be You.

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    The quotation above describes exactly what I felt as a new mom (especially in the early days of caring for my two newborns). It is one thing to know what you expect from yourself as a mother before you become one, but walking (or rather stumbling and even tumbling) down the path of caring for and...
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