• About Bingz

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    The girl who cried too much, and now honours her tears and joys.

    Growing up as a child, I would blush and cry very easily, and unfortunately I did not learn to honor my sensitivity and strong feelings. Instead, I learned to numb unpleasant emotions, choosing to only show pleasant ones. I graduated with a degree in Mechanical and Production Engineering which helped me appreciate structure and organization, but the technicality of engineering felt extremely boring and meaningless to me.


    While experiencing immense job dissatisfaction in my first job in the aircraft industry, I accidentally discovered the magic of Usui Reiki in 2006. Since then, I dove into that new magical world, discovering and exploring energy healing and intuitive reading modalities, such as Quantum-Touch, Pranic Healing, Therapeutic Massage, Dance Exploration, Soul Realignment, Physical therapy, The Wonder Method, Human Design and Aroma Freedom Techniques. Being a Mother to three young boys is one of the most intensive and extensive training ever in my life! As I continued self-reflecting where all of this is taking me, I realized that the specific modailities do not matter as much to me. What matters most is this underlying theme of Gentleness connecting all of personal experiences in getting in and out of overwhelm, the healing and intuitive reading modalities I chose to learn in becoming a healer, and how my sessions have helped my clients release their own overwhelm and feel safer in being themselves.

  • I have discovered that I work best with fellow sensitive souls who instinctively know that they just need someone to hold space for them to be gentler on themselves. It is through believing and practising Gentleness that we feel safe and loved to just be who we are. By holding space for us, it becomes easier for us to release anxiety and overwhelm from feeling external energies so strongly in ourselves.