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Why I don't do readings

and how I use The Wonder Method instead
Several people have asked me if I still do intuitive readings. I don't, and I offer to do a healing using The Wonder Method instead. Here's why:
Sensitive souls who ask for intuitive readings usually KNOW the answers they're looking for, but they NEED even more than that.  
Sensitive souls usually want to look for the RIGHT reading that resonates with the answers they already have inside their hearts. Sometimes they just need validation from one reading that hits the nail on the head for them. Sometimes they even buy several readings from different professional intuitives, just to make sure that they are really getting what their inner guidance is telling them already.
But even with the right validation, they still need more to move forward.
They need to process their feelings about the situation that they're feeling stuck at. They need to process the confusion, the anger, the self-pity, the guilt and all the whole mish-mash jumbled up feelings that has grown into such an enormous knot in their hearts that they feel they finally need to do something about it by getting an intuitive reading. It is very rare that an intuitive reading can help to instantly unravel those feelings for them.
A great intuitive reading confirms your gut feelings about the situation, and might even point out the blind side of the situation that you weren't aware of, but you still have to make the decision to move forward and you start by processing your feelings, which can be huge work!
Here's what I would do for you:
Instead of telling you what I intuitively feel about your soul mate (if that was your question), and whether you two will be together in future, I would tune into your feelings about this issue and let them unfold.
When feelings unfold, deeper issues can be unearthed. Together, we would work on the fears and beliefs you have about this relationship in a safe and empowered manner. Finally, after you've gained much more emotional clarity on this issue, we would manifest about a positive outcome you'd like for this relationship (or for yourself) using The Wonder Method way which is gentle, yet effective.
By the end of our session you would feel much more loved and empowered about your life.
This is my offering to you :)