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on GRACE: a channeled message

I was doing a mass distance healing with a theme on GRACE for my #thebackgroundhum program when this message came through. I'd just like to share this with you too! :)
You are Spirit. You are Living Grace. Feel this high vibration resonating through your entire being as you rise above earthly concerns. You are not your troubles. Feel that. Feel that truth. Remember that, so that when you ground yourself back to human life, you will be more aware of the space between breaths, the gentle hum of your being. This will help you live in a more empowered manner.
We are already starting our second cycle of #thebackgroundhum program but you are still invited to join us for free if you'd like! You'll get to receive a half hour mass distance healing session on the first week, and an intuitive counselling session on the second week. The program runs for three cycles and we welcome people to join in any point in time.