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Podcast #5: Feeling Safe to be yourself

{Podcast transcript}

Hello I'm Bingz from, and this is the 5th podcast of The Wonder Method series. The Wonder Method is a healing modality that I use for all my healing sessions.

This podcast is about feeling safe to be yourself.

Recently, I’ve come across many highly sensitive people who feel anxious often, or feel attacked from being judged by others.

I hope that this podcast will help you to feel calmer, and to feel safe to be yourself.

I believe that our feelings, be it negative or positive, is our body's way of communicating messages to us. So I would like to use this podcast to help you tune into your anxiety's specific messages to you, and then end off with positive wonder statements to help you feel safe being yourself.

So let's start now by being aware of your breathing.. feel how you're breathing in and out.. without trying to change it....

The Wonder Statements:

Feel the feelings that arise from this wonder statement:

"I wonder what my anxiety is trying to tell me"..let me repeat.

"I wonder what my anxiety is trying to tell me."

Let your feelings unfold, and as they unfold, the story unfolds for you too.

As you continue feeling the story, thank yourself for this awareness.

Feel love for yourself for experiencing these feelings. This is part of the reason why you are here living a human life. To create and to feel the effects of your creations. Enjoy the feelings, enjoy your ability to feel.

As you feel yourself getting lighter as these feelings unfold, wonder what it might be about for your body to know that you are safe, right now. Feel your body changing in response to this feeling of safety, and security.

Wonder what it might be about to feel safe being yourself.

Feel your physical connection to what you're sitting or lying on, and wonder what it might be about to feel welcome on mother earth. Wonder what it might be about to feel truly at home on this beautiful blue planet.

Lastly, wonder what it might be about for you to have compassion for yourself as a divine being living a human life. Wonder what it might be about to live your life in celebration                                                                                                                             

And now we have come to the end of the “feeling safe to be yourself” podcast. I hope you have enjoyed this podcast and as always I welcome your feedback on it as well as ideas for future podcasts. Have a wonderful day or peaceful night ahead. This is Bingz signing out. Bye bye! :)

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