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Of Angels and Mermaids

I have had two very memorable client healing experiences with a similar theme that I'd like to share with you.
The one who sprouted Angel Wings
Client A had this recent discomfort in her body that she felt had a non-physical cause to it. Sometimes it was so intense it made her cry. As I tuned into her discomfort, it became clear to me that she was actually growing new angel wings on her back. It wasn't visible, but the energy of the wings growing was so palpable that we both felt full-body shivers, in a good way. The moment we both realized and acknowledged that she truly was growing angel wings, there was a huge sense of awe and self-empowerment.
The one who felt she had no choice but to drown
Client B had strong survival instincts. She felt insecure and that her mother wants to attack her. She had this strong image of swimming in the sea and eventually drowning because of her mother.
After tuning into this fear and healing her connection with her mother, she shared with me that when she went back to this scene to see if the story had changed, she found that she had become a mermaid! Mermaids will never drown! And the sea is instantly transformed to being her home instead of being a place of doom.
The common theme
Both stories started with clients tuning into their fears. When you are in fear, your dire reality can become so entrenched that you just can't see any glimmer of hope, any place to make a run for it. It just seems impossible to even conceive of an alternate reality.
But once you are willing to tune into it, to listen to your fear and let it unwind with childlike wonder, your reality is free to change. Your mind can tune into such an empowered state that it's now impossible for you to think otherwise. 
I think another way to see this is that we are ALL unfolding in our own perfect way to our brilliant selves, and that if you get in the way of your own inevitable transformation, it can manifest as your deepest fears and struggles. Huge drama explodes. But once you get to see that even this drama is just simply a part of you experiencing another part of you, you get to choose to experience another reality that is full of ease and fulfillment instead.
Please feel free to share your thoughts! :) 
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