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What spirituality means to me

I feel that being spiritual has to start with knowing you are more than your body, thoughts and emotions, and I am really grateful that I got to have some really awesome psychic experiences to validate this knowing.

These super cool psychic experiences started coming when I was practising energy healing intensively and going for sessions from several healers too.

There was once when I was doing meditation while lying on the floor, I felt that part of me was rapidly descending through the floor! My mind was going crazy with thoughts like “oh my god! what’s happening? Am I attaining Nirvana? No it can’t be because I’m freaking out. I’m still traveling. I can still open my eyes and I’m definitely not moving but I’m still traveling!” I was still “traveling” even when the initial adrenaline has faded off. I still have no idea what that meant but it was definitely a wonderful experience! This happened a few more times and I gradually just learned to enjoy the ‘rides’.

I am primarily clairsentient (feeling energies) and claircognizant (sense of clear knowing). There was this phase where I took a series of pranic healing courses and was attending their meditation sessions quite frequently too. It was during that period that I first got to sense energies from books! It’s such a wonderful feeling to be able to feel LOVE just by touching a book. I have felt overwhelmed to the point of wanting to cry just from holding the book. So far the two books that made me feel this way are Don Piper’s “90 minutes in heaven”, and  Pi Villaraza’s “Conscious Trance: The Journey to the inner dance within”. After I have finished reading the books the intensity of the feelings faded away. I take that as a sign that I have absorbed the essence of the books. Currently I find myself being drawn to Doreen Virtue’s books, such as “Assertiveness for Earth Angels” and “Angels of Abundance”. Her books carry a loving, angelic presence that is very reassuring for me.

There are so many different theories about the SOUL and they can be really, really complex, I took a course on akashic record reading and healing which talks about different soul groups, and explains things like how people can put up energetic mirrors to make themselves more charismatic but lose their true identities in the process, how being angry really hurts both you and the person you are angry at, how our past lives can still affect us in this lifetime etc. I enjoy learning about how our thoughts and emotions can have such a huge impact on ourselves and the people around us and vice-versa. But now I like to keep it simple by learning to differentiate which actions originate from LOVE, and which actions are motivated by FEAR.

I believe in spirit guides, ascended masters and archangels as well. My main spirit guide is called Gail and she intuits me by giving me a soft,  ‘glowing’ feeling of love. I am attuned to Goddess Kwan Yin as well. She serves as a constant reminder for me to be gentle with myself and others, so that we can glow more brightly with love.

I feel that having these experiences, and knowing that we have so many spiritual helpers, is important to me. They serve as a validation to me that life is more magical than it seems. That we are not meant to just exist and cease. Our physical bodies are just a small part of our souls. If we, the smaller human parts of  our souls, are willing to follow our higher selves, then we can BE so much more, we can LOVE so much more, our human lives become much more satisfying because we are aligned to our larger purposes.

This is what I believe. What do you believe in?