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How I heal with The Wonder Method

The Wonder Method is a very yin (passive) method of doing healing, created by Alain and Jody Herriot. Most of the healing involves observing our emotions with a sense of childlike wonder and letting it unfold. It allows us to be really honest to ourselves about how we really feel, without our minds trying to rationalize everything.


Here is an YouTube video explaining what The Wonder Method is about:



I've experienced lots of great results applying the Wonder Method on my clients, my family, friends and myself. Personally I feel a great sense of openness and find myself as a director more than as a victim in my own life story. As a new mom I tend be on an emotional rollercoaster all the time. The common negative emotions I experience are anger (when my toddler throws impossible tantrums) and guilt (when I flare up and throw my own tantrums at them haha). Now the first thing I do at least immediately after the incident happened is to apply the Wonder Method to release all the stuck emotions within me and turn it around to give thanks to this incident as a lesson learned. And then I move on in my life with less emotional baggage so that I can handle more motherhood adventures!


I also find that the Wonder Method has helped me become more in tune to the client's situation without me asking for feedback. I am more aware of how much the situation has improved and what else I need to work on to accelerate the healing.


All of the healing I do is done at a distance, without requiring the client to meet up.  I simply ask the client what issue he/she wants to work on, then I work on it in my own time and feedback to the client what I found via email. This approach offers minimal disruption to the client's daily life. It is super convenient!


Here are some the healing cases I've done:


Fibromyalgia - hip and leg pain

People suffering from fibromyalgia experience chronic widespread pain. We focused on the symptoms on her hip and leg pain so that it is easier to gauge whether the healing had an effect on it. After the session, the client experienced less pain in her hip and leg. She mentioned that she showered earlier than usual as the stiffness has gone down significantly. This was prior to knowing that I had already done the healing session on her.


Fear of being seen by others

I sensed that her fear is more of a fear of connecting with others. I set the intention for her to enjoy connecting authentically with others. Client felt that it makes sense to her and that the knot in her solar plexus is unwinding.


Stress over big move to a new country

I worked on releasing her stress, then her heart chakra and third eye chakras. Set intention for her to be calm and focused for the move. She immediately gave feedback that she felt very calm and quiet inside her, and that her pain in her neck and shoulders was gone.

Here's a screenshot of her testimonial:


Feeling resentment towards her husband

I was given the image of a still lake and told her to visualize this whenever she feels irked by her husband's behavior again. She gave feedback that her feelings became lighter and she was able to be friendly to her husband via texting again.


Oh yes they are ALL female clients! But don't worry I love working with male clients too. Please do hop on to my sessions page if you would like to work with me.