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How Distance Healing works

and how I do it
Do this experiment:
  1. Think of a person you don't engage with daily, could be an ex colleague, or distant cousin, or an acquaintance. 
  2. Set an intention for this person to give you a call or send you an email/text message within the next 72 hours. 
  3. Visualize this person doing that action.
  4. End the visualization by wishing him/her lots of love and blessings.
  5. Wait for your intention to manifest.

This is an experiment to see if your thoughts can connect to another person through space.

If our thoughts can connect to another person through space without the use of electronics, then it goes to show how distance healing is possible. Distance healing is simply sending healing thoughts and prayers through space to another person.

Anyone who is focused enough can do this!

Some healers can perceive the client's energy and so their healing can be more specific. I have also met healers who don't perceive energy but their healing sessions are still very effective.

What I do in my distance healing sessions

Before I start my session, I ask my client to describe her issue and set a healing intention. A healing intention could be "to feel joy again", "to lessen the pain in my knees", "to be at peace with myself", "to know what my next step should be for this life situation".

Then I find a time when I won't be disturbed and prepare myself to do healing by being aware of what I'm feeling, and asking for AA Raphael and Goddess Kwan Yin to help me in the healing.

I open myself to the client's energy by observing what she is feeling with a sense of Childlike Wonder. Then I go Wonder what would it be like for her to have achieved her specific healing intention and simply let the feelings unfold. At the same time I open myself to messages, feelings and images for me to pass onto my client later after the session. Then I end the session by giving thanks to my spiritual helpers and to my client.

Feeling tempted to experience a session with me?
You know you want to!!!
Please feel free to check out my Sessions page to find out more details, and to read what others feel after a session with me. I currently offer both single healing sessions and a 4-week package that offers more long-term benefits to keep future overwhelm at bay and to focus more on what makes you happy. 
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