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Healing lessons in my first pregnancy

I am currently 5 months pregnant and am feeling truly happy that I have this little prince growing well inside me. It hasn’t always been this way though.

I remember that when I first found out I was pregnant, it was a mixture of excitement and worry: excited that I became pregnant very shortly after we’ve decided to start a family, and yet worried that we may not be able to cope financially.

I was lying in bed shortly after I found out I was pregnant, and suddenly there was this incredible energy coming at me. My body felt very light and immersed in love. My face was glowing with warmth as if it was being bathed in sunshine. I felt that this pregnancy is a gift to me, to reward me for moving past blaming myself unnecessarily for withdrawing from my course and feeling guilty for making my family worry. Instead of graduating from the course that I signed up by March 2012 like the rest of my ex-classmates, I will be graduating with my son’s birth certificate instead! Talk about Divine Timing!

Here in this blog post, I would like to share on some of the healing lessons I learned during my pregnancy:

1) Being fully present in the moment:

Like most pregnant women, I had to cope with morning sickness, indigestion and just feeling very uncomfortable in my own body. Perhaps the unease was being heightened because I am naturally very sensitive to energy, and I AM changing rapidly both physically and emotionally. It was really difficult for me to do my usual self-healing, and it felt easier to just ignore the physical symptoms that keep coming, numbing myself to it. After some days of trying to ignore my body, I finally resolved to sit down and just be fully present in my own body, in what I’m feeling physically, mentally and emotionally. It was painful to face all this stuff head-on, but I stuck with it, letting each layer come up to the surface and resolve, till finally for these rare moments, I was at peace with myself. I had to visit my toilet bowl ‘friend’ in the end, but it felt like a really good release.

2) Being patient with myself:

Being pregnant is a super long and highly personalized journey, a journey that has started way before other passengers realize you are eligible for the “Reserved Seats” in public transport. I have to learn to be patient with myself, with being present with the changes inside me, and focus on preparing my baby to be ready to see the world one day. Even at times when I get too emotional, I have to give myself time to be positive again.

3) Toning to heal

My mother kept emphasizing the need to ‘talk’ to my baby so that I can strengthen our bond sooner. I’m not much of a talker, so I tried to sing songs like “Somewhere over the Rainbow”, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” etc. Gradually I gave up on singing songs others wrote, and started to do some toning instead. It was surprisingly healing and soothing to hear myself toning, and discovering each ‘tune’ that I improvise along the way. As the sounds filled the space in my room, I felt amazingly supported and loved, and I’m sure my son felt that way too. Sound healing is definitely a new skill for me, and I look forward to incorporating this in my future healing sessions.

4) Connecting with my son’s soul

The most wonderful and healing times of my pregnancy was when I get to connect with my son’s soul. The first time I did that, I was so amazed and touched by the vast love and light that is in him. Waves of healing reverberated through my body and I fell asleep within minutes. Other times there was this peace and sense of safety, rapidly replacing the frustration I was feeling just minutes ago. My son heals me, and I definitely have no problems with that! ;-)

5) The joy of physical creation

As an energy healer who’s very used to surfing in the ether, I found myself craving to physically create new things. And so I learned crocheting. Though I felt like crying during the first lesson, struggling to make my fingers work well with the crochet hook and thread, it has become extremely therapeutic and serves as a physical anchor to prepare me for my new role in life.

Here’s my proud creation waiting patiently to wrap him up with my love :)

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