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Doorway to your heart meditation

This is a great meditation that I channeled for a client who wanted help in releasing sadness.

It's a very simple and effective meditation that uses the imagery of Doors. Hope that this helps you in loving your world too!

The meditation:

Imagine that your heart is being covered with millions of closed doors.

Each time you open a door, Love and Light from within your heart starts to radiate outwards through this open door, and the door simply vanishes in the flow of this energy, so now you see one tiny permanent opening in your heart where there is a never-ending flow of love and light.

Start by opening the doors where you are feeling any sadness. Open the doors one by one, so that you can get used to the increasing love and light flowing through. Sometimes, you’ll need to allow the tears to flow out to wash away the sadness, in order to let the love and light come through. Just breathe more deeply as you allow the sadness to be released. Be gentle with yourself.

As you start feeling more empowered in the increasing flow of love and light, you can open more doors at the same time. Keep doing this till you feel your entire chest in full flow of pure love and light from front to the back of your chest. You become a highly porous being, filled with love and light. The energy is so strong and expansive that everything in your life gets filled with love and light too.


I do hope that you have enjoyed this meditation.

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