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How our sensitivity can cause us overwhelm

a Human Design Perspective

Dear fellow Gentle Ones,

Do you feel that being highly sensitive to the energies of people around you has caused you lots of overwhelm on a daily basis?

Would you like to learn how to understand your sensitivity and use it as a strength to connect with your loved ones more authentically instead of feeling deeply disempowered by it?

If you find yourself nodding "YES!" to the above questions, then do read on to explore seeing and appreciating your sensitivity in a new light.

Openness explained in Human Design

Example of Openness shown in a Human Design Chart

Human Design is a beautiful modality that is a synthesis of several various modalities to explain the uniqueness of who you are, and how you interact with others on an energetic level.

You can generate your own unique Human Design chart on this website using your date, time and place of birth. The chart that you see here is mine.

As Human Design can get incredibly complex, I would just like you to focus on the Body Graph you see in the chart that has nine geometric shapes which represent our nine energy centers, similar to the seven main energy centers you usually see in the Indian Chakra system. All of us have all nine energy centers, where each center is responsible for processing specific energies.

The really cool thing about getting your personalized Human Design Chart is that you can see how you are defined in each Energy Center. An energy center can either be defined (shown as being colored in that center) or open (shown as white in the center).

Your Defined Centers represent the energy that you radiate out into the world consistently, the aspects of your personality that is true all the time, independent of any factors in your environment.

Your Open Centers take in and amplify energy and information from the world around you. The energy in open centers is inconsistent, because it changes depending on who you are with it.

It is easier to feel overwhelmed in your Open Centers than in your Defined Centers since the energies are variable and amplified from the people around you who have the same centers defined in their charts. If you are unaware of where your openness (Open Centers) is, it is easy to mistake these energies as your own and as a result become more confused over who you really are and start to be conditioned into a false sense of self. 

Notice where your Open Centers are; these are the places where you have the potential to have the most pain until you understand how your energy works. But these Open Centers also hold the potential for your greatest wisdom as well. - Karen Curry, bestselling author of "Understanding Human Design: The new science of Astrology: Discover Who You Really Are"

Many of my clients have at least four Open Centers out of the nine energy centers in their charts. Though the degree of sensitivity does not have a direct correlation to the number of Open Centers, (for example it does not necessarily mean that a person with seven Open Centers is definitely much more sensitive than one with four Open Centers), it does give a good indication of how they may feel much more sensitive to the energies of others compared to the vast majority.

Understand the energy centers where you are Open in

I am finding that it is incredibly useful for me to manage overwhelm through understanding and "conversing" with my Open Centers so that I can intentionally process and release any information and energies that no longer serve me. Tuning into my Open Centers has also helped me to see them as wise mini "libraries" of information that I can constantly gain insights from.

Here is a quick description of the nine Energy Centers in the Body Graph. Use them as prompts to converse with your Open Centers:

  1. Head Center - Inspiration, Pressure to figure things out
  2. Ajna Center - Various ways to analyze problems and gain solutions
  3. Throat Center - Center for communication and taking action in manifesting
  4. G (Identity) Center - Soul identity, Love of Spirit, Self, Body, Humanity and "right place"
  5. Will Center - Willpower, Ego, Sense of Worth
  6. Emotional Solar Plexus Center - Center for Emotional Energies
  7. Sacral Center - Life Force Energies, Work and Sexuality
  8. Root Center - Source of Adrenaline and Pressure to finish work to feel "free"
  9. Spleen Center - Center for instinctual fears, gut instincts, immune system and time consciousness

Your Sensitivity can be a Gift!

I hope that this mini-lesson in Human Design and its Open Centers is helping you see how you can manage your overwhelm and use your sensitivity as a gift!

If you are having trouble releasing and understanding sources of your overwhelm, I have created this new healing session just for you!

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