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It is safe to feel feelings that are not yours

· Empaths

A few days ago, I was watching a video clip about the heart wall in The Emotion Code. And that got me wondering:

I wonder how my heart is communicating with the rest of my body?

Then I felt the sadness, the sadness I sometimes feel when I connect to myself. The sadness I felt before when I had sessions with my teacher Alain Herriot, and this same sadness was brought up during healing and reading sessions by other intuitive practitioners too.

This time, I stopped avoiding it and wondered about letting it in.

I stopped asking my mind where and who did this sadness originate from.

The sadness didn't feel very sad. It felt like it was relieved to be felt and released through a series of yawns and tears.

I wondered what it might be about for my heart to communicate harmoniously with the rest of my body. The barrier that was there felt smaller.

In fact, after being willing to feel my sadness and allowing the sadness to move through me completely, it became clear that most of the sadness was the combined grief of my extended family over losing our beloved family members over the years. My Human Design chart (shown below) shows that I tend to amplify emotional energies from my environment and I guess the funerals I've attended helped me hold onto these energies unknowingly.

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How can I stop hurting myself from feeling feelings that are not mine?

So this is a topic Empaths are deeply concerned about. How can we tell which emotions are ours and which ones are from others? How do I pull myself out of others' emotional dramas so I don't get hurt or even add onto the drama because I feel so intensely?

By sharing my own healing experience here, I would like to share with you:

It is safe to feel feelings that are not yours.

My training and experience in working with The Wonder Method (my primary healing and consciousness modality) has taught me that it is safe to feel feelings from others, but there is one thing you need to do first.

You need to return to yourself first, get entrained to a high vibrational state of childlike wonder, then feel your feelings (be it yours or others) lightly.

Return to yourself, feel safe and loved in being yourself, then feel your feelings lightly without judgement.

I find that Empaths get hurt from the emotional energies of others when they do either of these two things:

1) They start feeling the beginnings of those feelings, and allow their minds to panic and do things desperately to guard themselves. They get hurt because they leave their own auras and get lost in the low frequencies of mass consciousness.

2) They feel they need to dive deeply and get lost in the feelings of others in order to release these feelings. They get hurt because they leave their own auras to focus entirely on the person(s) they are feeling the feelings from.

The common pattern here is that by leaving their own auras, they have stopped being themselves.

Know that when you are being you, nothing can harm you.

Know that you feel because this is a beautiful part of having a human experience.

Honour your ability to feel empathise with others, and honour yourself.

I hope that sharing this is helpful for you.

Start connecting to yourself more often and feeling your feelings lightly. I would love to know what your experience was like!