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Healing Guilt through Gentleness

It seems to be quite common for people who have a soft and gentle demeanour to feel guilty and be apologetic easily, but the energy of guilt is not gentle at all. It burdens and drains everyone.

Guilt is a problem that can never be resolved, because we can never go back in time to undo what we now see as a terrible mistake. Guilt makes our hearts heavy with regret, and the solution to rising above guilt is again by being gentler on yourself. ~ Bingz Huang

How to heal Guilt through Gentleness

Ask yourself: where is this Guilt being felt in your physical body?

If Guilt was a feeling in your body, how does it feel like, and where do you feel it? For me I feel heaviness in my heart. Breathe into this tension and wonder how this tension is connected to the rest of your body. Usually the release of physical tension will activate a release of trapped emotions as well. Continue to be gentle on yourself as you become aware of the emotional trauma that's being released. Tears may fall, more pain may come, traumatic memories may be released and that's all good.

If Guilt comes up often in your life, wonder how this is affecting you physically, emotionally and spiritually.

We all know that Guilt is probably not a good feeling to have, and sometimes we can be harsh on ourselves on trying to get rid of it!

If you want to try the gentle way of healing your guilt, use the energy of childlike wonder. Be curious and be in awe of yourself as you process this guilt. As you process how your life has been affected by this pattern of turning to guilt frequently in your life, you will start to naturally detach yourself from this pattern.

Be gentle on yourself

Before you can be gentle on yourself, sometimes you need to be gentle on how much tension you can release from yourself. Each of us follow different paths to healing. Some of us have never really identified with our emotional baggage, and so we can let them go in one huge cathartic release, and return to our light-hearted selves again. Others may need more time to gently let go the pains they thought that was part of them. Both approaches work, as long as you follow the path of gentleness that works for you.

Imagine holding yourself with gentleness. Feel your own love for yourself. ~ Bingz Huang

Allow the energy of Gentleness to include yourself and others

Notice how resistance may pop up in your interactions with others. If you are sensitive to the energies of others like me, you may feel this tendency to push onto yourself to accomodate others, to freeze your own energy in anticipation of getting hurt, or to attack others for their harsh energies. When you do all that, you still feel the harshness of the pushing, the numbness from the freezing, and the violence from attacking others, and those energies do not stay in integrity with you wanting to be a gentle person. Take a moment to feel the feelings and thoughts that come through as you read these sentences. Allow your own wisdom to come through.

It takes a lot of awareness to notice this energy dynamics on a real-time basis, so for a start try to remember those instances that might have occured during each day before you go to sleep. Process any remaining feelings that were triggered as you remember these incidents, and set a conscious intention to wonder about bringing in more gentleness in future similar interactions. Sometimes the gentlest thing you can do in that situation is to literally walk away to calm yourself down.

Experiment with it and always check in with how you feel.

Practising Gentleness helps us to be aware of the love connecting us all.