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Goddess Kwan Yin on Motherhood

A short channeled healing message of love

· channeling

Do you have a favorite archetype representing motherhood? For me it is Goddess Kwan Yin. She represents the quality of Compassion. Before I became a mother, I often looked upon her as my Divine Mother, always receiving gentle reminders from her to be more gentle on myself. When I became a mother and felt 'stuck' in some of the mundane daily tasks as a new mother, I would tune into her to help raise my vibration so I can consciously bring in more compassion to my children and myself.

Today, I asked Goddess Kwan Yin for a message about Motherhood and this is what she said:


Smile my dear ones,

Smile with tears in your eyes.


Smile with the heartbreaks that repeatedly release your heart of anger, guilt and shame,

and allow your heart to be enlarged and strengthened again.


For motherhood is such an enlightening experience,

such a heart-wrenching yet heart-warming journey,

giving you one of the greatest opportunities to build self-love and self-trust as you learn to build another human being on all levels of the Human Experience.


Appreciate your strengths.

Love your weaknesses.

Accept your vulnerability for that’s what makes all of us human.


We are fragile but our strong hearts make us resilient to whatever comes our way.


Love, love, love, continue to love.

Never be afraid to hold onto love.

Every experience is a worthy experience.

Every experience fully lived through makes it all worthwhile.


Be proud of who you are, my dear ones.

I always find her messages tear-jerking, healing and full of love. I hope her words has ignited love and healing in you too! Warm hugs to all who read this message :)

Living in a world filled with a plethora of advice for parenting, it's important to always go back to how you feel in your day-to-day experience of motherhood. I truly feel that our hearts hold the key to truly integrating what we have learned each passing day of 'performing' the 'mommy role', so that we can continually learn and evolve yet fully loving each and every day of it.