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Give In To Your Happiness

Do Not Let Your Life's Problems Stop You From Being Happy

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I was offering free emotional healing sessions at an event recently and found this common block to being happy:

Some people have trouble releasing their emotional stress because the problems that triggered them are not resolved yet, or they still don't know how to move towards solving the problems. They feel that they can only relax, feel safe and be happy when their problems are resolved.

Is this what you're experiencing too?

Here are some of my thoughts based on what I've experienced so far in my healing work:

1. The need to recognize some of your life experiences as problems and to solve them originates from your conscious mind.

2. The stress, frustration, anger, anxiety and other unpleasant feelings that are being triggered by your problems are meant for you to feel, release, and integrate. When you truly connect with your feelings and allow these feelings to tell you a deeper story behind your problems, you are allowing yourself to unwind to a deeper part of your true self.

3. As you unwind these unpleasant feelings, you are also starting to gain more clarity into these problems.

4. You may not know what the exact solution might be like, but you start to know that you'd really prefer being at a more peaceful / joyful /powerful state compared to the stress / frustration / anger /anxiety you've been feeling for quite some time.

5. Feeling what you desire to feel attracts the reality that facilitates the continuation of these pleasant feelings.

6. Life need not be just about solving problems (what your conscious mind likes). Life is about being the whole of you. You still have the freedom to breathe, move, feel feelings, interact with your loved ones, express your gifts and continue to explore new experiences.

7. As a healer I do not help you to solve your problems, I simply provide the space and time for you to be more you. When you become more you, you are no longer too focused on solving the problems. You start to explore what you really want in life and start to create more of those life experiences instead.

I did a Facebook 'live' video to further elaborate on the above points. Watch till the end to enjoy a mini healing session that you can use for an issue that is bothering you.