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Interview on becoming more confident in posting videos

I was interviewed by my authentic marketing coach George Kao on how I learned to be more confident in posting content such as videos on a more consistent basis. Here's the gist of what I said in the video:

Prior to learning from George, I have always struggled with creating authentic content for my healing practice as I seldom share my views in my healing work with clients. My healing work is mostly done in silence. I have since appreciated the need to share authentic content so that it allows my audience to get a better feel of whether I would be a good fit for them. George spoke about curating other people's content such as viral videos, articles, or books for a start and this tip has been immensely useful for me. I do share a lot of viral videos in the past but now when I share these videos I add a few sentences on why I appreciate these videos and how they are related to my business vision and tagline: "Restoring Lightness and Magic to your everyday life". I now find that my readers are commenting more on such posts.

George also talked about creating casual content that does not require much effort to produce. I wanted to produce videos as casual content like George, but I realized that I was not casual in creating videos at all! After I intentionally set guidelines on limiting each video to within 5 minutes and being more relaxed about the background sounds, I am now finding much more ease and enjoyment in creating at least one video weekly for now.

The most surprising thing I found in participating in George's mastermind group is the ease in doing trades with other members, even though I am pretty new in my healing business. Being a shy and introverted person, I have found these trades immensely helpful, healing and empowering. I even had the courage to collaborate with a fellow member to do an online class which in the past I would have been too afraid to try. I am now getting more inquiries about my services than I was before!

In this interview, I also briefly spoke about my previous and only corporate job as an engineering executive facilitating continuous improvement for my company in the airline industry. After doing that job for five years and having studied various energy healing modalities during that same time, I realized that helping people on a more personal level, improving their physical and emotional health, gave me much more job satisfaction than helping a company improve its operational efficiency.


If you are also a heart-based business owner looking to do more authentic marketing, I do hope this little video has given you encouragement and tips to start posting content more consistently!

More about me:

Bingz Huang is an Intuitive Energy Healer whose mission is to help heart-based business owners unwind their emotional resistances and physical pain that are getting in the way of having the thriving business that they want. Her unique gift is helping her clients feel healed, effective, and happy as they grow their heart-based businesses.