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Do you really need to know THE ANSWER?

· energy healing

It is very common for clients to go into an energy healing session wanting to know the WHY:
- why is this happening?
- why do I react this way to this situation?

then it's easy to go into the HOW:
- what do I need to do to solve this problem?
- how can I prevent this from ever happening again?

Personally I have learned and practised modalities, such as akashic record reading and healing, that specifically focus on providing metaphysical answers to the WHY and HOW. Sometimes, the clients feel validated and satisfied with the answers, and are able to move on in life. Other times, the answers do not satisfy them, and they keep moving on from psychic to psychic trying to find answers that they are happy with.

These answers, or the longing to know the Correct Answers, can trap us in our life dramas.

While I do energetically sense the tension in the issue my client is troubled about, and describe how the healing starts to dissolve the initial tension, my bigger focus is to help my client tune in more to his / her presence through attuning to CHILDLIKE WONDER. 

When you tune into the state of CHILDLIKE WONDER, there is this feeling of expansion extending into infinity. There is no arriving at the perfect answer, but rather the sense of opening up into more possibiltiies, more solutions that resonate with what you want in life.

You start to let go of the need to know, and focus on your presence instead. Your mind becomes quieter, and you feel that you are much more than your mind. What once troubled you doesn't feel that troubling after all. You realize that you are so much more than your problems. This expanded perspective allows you to tune into your full essence more.

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Huang Bingjie, aka Bingz, is an energy healer with a nurturing and childlike presence. She specializes in energetically healing any issue you may be bothered about using this wonderful modality called The Wonder Method. She offers distance healing sessions to clients from all over the world.