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Feeling stressed and overwhelmed?

This is what I would do

Are you having trouble accepting what is happening around you?

Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed with these new changes?

Do you yearn for some higher being to take these troubles away and fix them?

Do you distract yourself by pushing harder on others, or by hiding?

Do you try to find someone who can remove all energetic obstacles (such as past life spells, curses, soul contracts) so you can feel safe again?

I believe that when you find yourself in this situation, it is important to give yourself the space and time to acknowledge your feelings and thoughts that have gone awry, that are just screaming at you in a neverending loop.

Hold space for yourself, or have someone you trust help you hold that space as an act of Gentleness for yourself.

In times of Overwhelm, we need even more gentleness to help us process these stressful thoughts and emotions, so we can be with ourselves again.

So that we can drop more deeply into a space of calm and clarity again.

So that as we continue to accept what is, and how we are interpreting it, new deeper levels of integration and release can be allowed.

So that we can feel safe to BE again.