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How ordering Dim Sum from a Trolley is like following our Sacral Response!

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Do you love ordering Dim Sum from a trolley cart?

I find that a huge part of this magical experience of eating dim sum is in seeing those trolleys of delicious plates of dim sum come to your table, so you can pick and choose the dishes that call out to you.

When we choose the dim sum dishes, it is quite natural to not get into overthinking on which ones are most nutritious, the yummiest etc. You just let your own sacral response decide and the internal dialogue could go like this:

“uh-huh I definitely WANT this!”

“uh-unh NO WAY.. next!”

When we respond yes to the dishes we want, we naturally have the energy to go take the dishes (if that’s allowed), or to let the lady know what we want.

This is how we use our sacral response correctly — leaning back in our seats as we let the trolleys of yumminess come to us, then letting our sacral response decide which ones we want to eat and following our YESes naturally gives us the energies to go get what we want.

According to Human Design, 70% of the entire world’s population are designed to live a life of satisfaction when we follow our sacral responses (these are called Generator and Manifesting Generator types). This is not just limited to the dim sum we eat. It includes doing the work we love to do, living in a location we love, hanging out with friends we love, entering into the romance we love, etc.

The funny thing is, society teaches us to do the opposite. It teaches us to just think of what we want, and order from the menu instead.

No carts being wheeled around. All dishes are made to order to preserve freshness.

But sadly, this doesn’t help the majority of us to honor our sacral responses. The items you choose on the menu might seem like the right choices, but they can turn out to be the total opposite of what you expected, leading to more frustration instead of satisfaction.

Do you know if you are a Generator or Manifesting Generator?

Are you ordering from the menu more in life, or letting life come to you to decide what you respond YES or NO to?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this! Feel free to share in the comments!