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I Believe in the Healing Power of Gentleness

Yes I believe in the healing power of Gentleness. Just listening to the word “Gentleness” already starts to initiate a gentle ripple healing effect throughout my entire being. Gentleness can be applied throughout our physical and psychic senses. It can be felt in our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual selves. Gentleness can even be felt clearly in all of our interactions and relationships.

The power of healing through Gentleness becomes increasingly more important, especially in this fast-paced society, where we get stressed more often and so much more longer than necessary.

Many of us know about the two types of autonomic nervous systems that we have,

1) the Fight/Flight/Freeze response and 2) the Relaxation response. In the caveman days, whenever we sensed a threat coming, we would either prepare ourselves to fight, run away, or play dead till the threat or actual danger passes. Then we will revert to our Relaxation response, where we feel safe to rest and digest: eating, digesting, returning to the more mundane or relaxing activities where we start to conserve energies to prepare for the next threat / danger again.

In this modern fast-paced society, there are so many possible threats that linger in our minds:

  • Will I be able to make enough money for my family’s needs and wants?
  • Will I continue to be happy in my marriage?
  • Will I be able to stay healthy?
  • Will my kids be able to survive and thrive when they mature into adults?

These possible ‘threats’ keep lingering because we can never solve these future possible problems. We can get prepared and take preventive measures, but there is only so much that we can do. So as we get chronically stressed thinking about all these problems, we might have either or some of these fight/flight/freeze responses:

  1. Fight — by constantly tensing our muscles and/or be agressive in getting things done our way,
  2. Flight — distracting ourselves with addictions such as bingeing on Netflix, playing phone games for too long, bingeing on food constantly, or even watching too much porn.
  3. Freeze — we play dead by going through life’s motions but not really feeling anything at all. When it is not possible to fight or distract ourselves, we give up and numb ourselves, choosing not to feel any feelings and not to think any thoughts. We become empty shells and we just survive without truly feeling alive.

When we trap ourselves in these fight/flight/freeze responses, we never really revert back to our Relaxation Response. We never really feel safe to rest and digest, and consequently, we can get too tired to react properly to actual dangers:

  • We can become too weak to recover from an illness.
  • We can become too inflexible to find new careers when we lose our current jobs.
  • We can find ourselves getting so addicted to fighting/ so digitally distracted / or just too numb to life that we lose our marriage, or impart the wrong values to our children.

It is time to trust more in the healing power of Gentleness.

When you become gentler on yourself, you start to relax more into yourself, allowing you to revert back to the Relaxation Response. Spending more time in this Relaxation Response helps you to properly activate your fight/flight/freeze response to urgent threats/dangers.

As you detach away from obsessing too much about your life’s problems, you start to detach from your mind, and drop further into your full presence. We are so much more than our conscious minds, acknowledging and making peace with our feelings, thoughts, bodily sensations and the souls that animate our bodies are so much more important. Yes, Gentleness helps us drop away from our fights and distractions, back into our full energetic selves.

I believe that when we focus more on being who we are (not just what our minds are thinking about), we tend to harmonize more with our outer realities and attract what we truly want. This could be:

  • Having an authentic business serving clients whom you love and love you dearly.
  • Raising a harmonious family where every child feels safe and free developing his/her unique potential.
  • Having a soulful, passionate relationship with your partner / spouse.
  • Feeling fully alive and free in every moment.

Gentleness is that magical ingredient to helping us return to our true selves, where we are not pushing or pulling or ignoring. We emanate love and joy living life as our authentic selves.

This is what I believe.

Does this resonate with you? I would love to hear your thoughts on this!


Bingz (Gentleness Coach + Intuitive Healer)