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Do You Yearn to Be Liked?

An energetic view into yearning to be liked and what you can do about it.

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Do you yearn to be Liked so much that you tend to compromise your own wants and personal style just so that you can be more well-liked by the people around you?


The Open Emotional Solar Plexus

The above symptom of wanting to be liked, is commonly experienced by people with an open Emotional Solar Plexus in their personalized Human Design charts. If you see the chart image below, the Emotional Solar Plexus shows up as a large triangle on the right side of the chart (labelled and circled). When you look up your own chart (don't have one yet? generate your chart at this site), and that particular shape is colored White,the Solar Plexus amplifies emotional energies from other people near you. If your spouse is feeling slightly moody, you can be the one who feels super angry and wants to pick up a fight with him/her. If a fellow colleague is in a good mood, you may feel just over the moon not knowing exactly why! Approximately 50% of the population have an open emotional solar plexus.

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It's really unpleasant to feel amplified negative emotions like anger and sadness from others, so one of your natural instincts (assuming you are an emotionally open person) is to be a Peacemaker, where you can even sacrifice your own wants and needs just so the other person can remain happy and hopefully like you more so that you can ride on his/her happy waves!

BUT, that's NOT a great solution to your open emotional solar plexus. When you have an Open energy center, it means that the energies experienced through that open center are inconsistent. You experience the energies in an amplified manner from whoever is with you at that point, so as people come and go, and as their emotional states change, the emotional energies you experience keeps changing. It becomes very tiring and dis-empowering if you keep sacrificing yourself, and avoid truth and conflict in order to keep the person beside you happy. Energetically you are just reflecting what the other person wants to see in you, instead of you being who you really are. If you continue approaching your relationships this way, you will start to lose sense of who you really are.

What's the point of Living if you can't Be yourself?

So, how can you be more well-liked without sacrificing who you are?

Here are some of the steps I recommend you can take:

  1. Understand that you are not responsible for how others feel. If what they are feeling is too overwhelmingly painful for you, then excuse yourself from their auras - leave the room or hang up the phone. You can also set an intention by saying to yourself "No, return to sender", then visualize yourself sending back the negativity you're feeling back to the person.
  2. Forgive yourself for how you've sacrificed yourself in the past just so the other person can be happy. 
  3. Attune yourself to your own JOY. Having the freedom and courage to be yourself is essential, and true joy comes from just being yourself. 

Energetic Tools you can use

There are many ways to take these 3 steps to a deeper level. You can use essential oils to align yourself with the emotional state that you want. For example, I use Young Living's Forgiveness Essential Oil blend to help me in letting go , and Joy essential oil blend to remind me to be joyful. Our sense of smell is the only sense that impacts our limbic (emotional) brain directly so this is a very powerful way to start building the habit of being joyful.

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I also offer energy healing sessions (both online and in-person sessions) to help energetically align my clients' open energy centers so that their open centers stay open and free. Our open energy centers is where we often feel most vulnerable and experience the most pain. Once we know how to manage our openness, our open centers can be our source of great wisdom instead. For example, I used to feel really burdened by the amplified emotional energies I didn't know I was receiving from the people around me. I just wanted to stay home and not meet anyone! Now I've realized that being emotionally open has helped me immensely in my healing sessions: I know what my clients feel even when they're residing halfway across the world in a completely different time zone. I am able to tune in and help my clients heal and learn from their emotional pains.

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