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Finding Yourself amidst the Chaos

· hope,falling apart,believe in yourself
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Does this world feel like it's falling apart?

Whenever you feel this way, realize also that you are still here. You don't have to allow the world to continue falling apart! You can still make a change.

So how do we start making changes?

You can start by feeling gratitude of your awareness of this pain / confusion / fear / panic. You're still here! Ask yourself what do you want to save and protect in this world, and make that first move. Support people whom you love. Support people upholding the very values that make you feel grateful for. Create a new movement if no one's done it yet. Start taking action on your dreams.


Bingz Healing Hands is one of my biggest dreams and I'm now more motivated than ever to continue supporting my dream, clarifying it, and bringing blessings to more people whom feel connected to this.

What are your dreams? How are you seeding your dreams? Now's a good time to start if you have not started yet. And if you have already started, continue to believe in what you have to offer to the rest of the world. Have faith and keep taking baby steps.