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Why I do what I do

Recent events have led me to probe deeper into why I do what I do. Many people have no idea what intuitive / energy healing (now my tools include Human Design, intuitive singing and essential oils as well) is about, and even for those who do know, it means very different things for different people. So it's not really about what I do, but rather about why I do it.

I do what I do because I believe in MAGIC. I'm not referring to magic as in communicating magical creatures lounge faeries, unicorns, dragons etc (though that's fun too!), I believe that life can be magical. Our everyday life can be a series of mini miracles unfolding in every moment of our lives. And because Magic is such an energetic quality, I use energy healing to help energetically sensitive people unfold areas where they feel stuck or overwhelmed in life, so those areas are now filled with lightness and full of possibilities.

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Humans are such magical creatures. I learned that even the simple act of walking on two feet is an amazing feat, and there are other amazing things our physical bodies are capable of.
We are now so attuned to the concept of magic, especially at this interesting stage when we watch lots of superhero, mutant and other fantasy/ science fiction movies. We know what magic is like, just that it is being dramatized in books and movies and we're not able to assimilate it into our everyday lives.

So this is what I want to do, I'm going to reach out more to the public to help them rediscover Magic in their everyday lives, and for them to unfold more magic by working on their dreams, allowing their dreams to be manifested so that the rest of us can witness more magic, right here in this physical world. Be curious about your energetic reality, so that you feel confident and motivated enough to want to create a positive impact in your physical reality. That way, energy healing can be used as a highly practical tool.

So, this is my big dream. What's yours? And if you intuitively feel that I can help you, please do send me a message at