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Book Review of Sara Wiseman's Your Psychic Child

-How to Raise Intuitive and Spiritually Gifted Kids of All Ages
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I chanced upon this book in Amazon's kindle store and downloaded a sample excerpt of it. I loved the author's (Sara) style of writing that's highly readable and is a nice balance of spiritual wisdom and the humor of a parent who's been down in the trenches raising many kids!
But what really got me to purchase the book was the vibes that I felt from the book. I'm a natural clairsentient and I tend to feel strong energies coming from books that I know I will benefit a lot from, which includes this book.
And I was right! I've learnt a lot from reading this and will continue to refer to it from time to time as my sons grow. According to the author, there may be many skills innate in your children but they need time to be expressed properly. For eg, a natural channel will at least need to learn to speak fluently before he/she can say what messages he/she is receiving; your four year old is still not emotionally mature enough to give mediumship readings even though she sees her dead grandparents and other dead spirits lurking around.
Sara also describes how our kids develop at the various age groups and what kind of psychic abilities might start to emerge and how they will react to them. She emphasizes that we, as their parents need to behave as their parents and guide them along even though they may be incredibly psychic or are way more spiritually advanced than us. It's our job to teach them the ways of living our earth lives, let them know that their skills are valuable without worshipping them, and most importantly, love them. Children are innately selfish. Babies are born with strong survival instincts so they can ensure their survival. They need to know that they are loved, then they will learn to love, to share, to serve others.
Sara offers three ways for us to learn to connect with the divine, and to teach our children how to do that too. I love it that I get to learn simple ways for me to sense energies better. She gives great advice on how we can take care of our earthly bodies by taking care of what we eat, how we clean our homes, how to build sacred spaces and create more downtime in our lives to help us tune into our spiritual selves more easily.
To summarize, this book is definitely worth buying if you value your spiritual side and want your children to grow up being well balanced without downplaying or worshipping their psychic and /or spiritual development. I hope that you'll enjoy reading and learning from this book like I did.