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The transformational power of Regret

Have you ever thought of the roads you've taken and wished you could somehow go back in time to take a better path? 
I have, and it's a terrible feeling. I've time-traveled back so many times to repeat that suffering over and over again, but could not change the fact that the path has already been traveled and I am already bearing the consequences.

The energy of Regret gives me a sinking, desolate feeling. The concept of needing to make amends to right the wrongs I have is based on this deep-seated belief that “I am unworthy of LOVE and I need to keep doing things to set things right and become more acceptable to others instead of being rejected by them. I need to constantly fix an UNWORTHY ME to form an ACCEPTABLE ME.” This all feels like I am already in a pit, it is only a matter of how deep I am in it 

But what if, you sink even deeper into the pit and be open to the way this feeling is opening up to you? What if, you start to be curious about where this feeling leads you and transforms into?

As I dwelled on my life’s biggest regret so far and start to become curious about where it is leading me, it suddenly shifted to me feeling grateful for having lived that path. Gratitude lifts my spirits up and the path ahead gets filled with many possibilities instead of a few options to what I can do to minimize damage.

Are you ready to let your life's regrets transform into gratitude for having lived those paths? Would you like me to help you with that?
I invite you to work with me in an energy healing session where I help you travel deep into those feelings of regret and marvel at the wonderful healing magic they bring you.