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A clairsentient's experience of Love

A clairsentient is someone who feels energies.

I haven’t always seen myself as a clairsentient. In fact, this term just got recently added into my vocabulary 2-3 years ago, when I started researching about what it means to be psychic, and to have healing powers! Being clairsentient means being able to pick up intuition through bodily sensations, and spontaneous emotions.

It was during these 3 years of actively participating and learning healing, building intuition and meditations that I’ve felt spontaneous joy for the first time I can remember in my life. Joy that just comes, in spite of , and despite my current life circumstances.

This feeling, or more accurately described as state of divine pure love and joy, first came when I just lying down in bed, getting ready to sleep. All of a sudden, I felt that I’ve entered an altered state. The atmosphere grew quieter and more still Then, 2 things happened.

  1. a wonderful cooling energy radiated out freely and constantly out of the center of my chest, to the whole of my body, up and down, across, front and back. It felt as if my body has gotten more spacier, especially in the area from the front all the way to the back of my chest.
  2. there was a scanning feeling that started from my feet all the way to my head, evoking a deeper energetic state in the area that was “scanned”. the scanning lasted for a few minutes.

Eventually, I felt my whole being vibrating intensely with pure love and joy! It’s as if I was expressing with my whole body what love really is. My hands, feet and face felt warm and tingly. A few minutes later, my whole body felt as if I was traveling at top speed, when I was very sure that I was still on my bed, though it felt like the bed was not supporting my full weight. It was more like I was hovering slightly above the bed, and just touching the bedsheets. When I closed my eyes, there were lights darting crazily in all directions, like they were trying to tell me something I couldn’t decipher.

This whole experience lasted for around an hour. I think it could have lasted much longer if I wasn’t thinking rationally about trying to sleep!

There were more similar experiences that occurred initially once every few months, and now I think I’m feeling this once every few weeks. It would even come when I was just typing on my laptop. Every time I feel this, I’m reminded of my passion in love and healing, and that no matter what stage I am at in building my dream, I am worthy of expressing what I truly love – i.e. healing.

What’s your dream? Have you caught a glimpse of the larger purpose you want to fulfill in this life? Believe that no matter what stage you are now in building your dream, you are worthy of continually expressing the energies you want to express. There is really no end goal to achieve before you can start enjoying being the best version of who you want to be. The process is what counts!