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My own tree of life

A few weeks ago, as I was standing in the platform waiting for the train, my eyes caught sight of a beautiful tree in the distance. I realized then that my mind had been racing with all the different possibilities of the future, worries, tangled emotions of what is and would be happening now that I am plunging myself into the unknown future of being a full-time intuitive healer. This beautiful tree with its luscious crown of green leaves stopped my mind in its tracks.

I imagined what it would feel like if I was willing to be the tree, just for a while. I felt the stillness and strength of its presence. I, as the tree, am not moving, yet I am not stubborn. I remain in full connection with the rest of the world. My leaves rustle in the wind, I let birds and other small creatures and ferns rest on me, I spread my roots deep and wide into the rich soil of Mother Earth.

I let myself feel what it would be like, spreading my roots deep into the ground, allowing me to connect with the vastness of the ground, and receiving all I need, all the nutrients and water that I need for my own growth. I felt safe, secure, and a deep sense of belonging to the world.

As the water and nutrients rises up through my trunk, I see that as my physical body strengthening itself, providing the scaffolding for my own outreach.

The water continues to rise, my trunk grows taller, and my branches reach out wider. It feels like having the desire and courage to seek more inspiration, more food for my spirit and mind. My leaves start to apply the knowledge I’ve gathered, synthesizing sunlight into pure food. I see my pink and white flowers, looking like tulips, in magnificent full bloom, giving out a sweet fragrance in the air. As my flowers drop, they dance a beautiful waltz in the air, romancing the wind before they fall gracefully to the ground.

I start to think of the kind of fruits I want to bear. They taste deliciously sweet and refreshing. I see my fruits in bright pink and orange, round and easily held within one’s palm. Oh my fruits are playful also! They love to bounce high into the air as they fall to the ground. When others eat my fruits, they feel a nurturing comfort, love and compassion. This high and pure resonance of love and compassion invokes amazing accelerated healing within them. They readily share this super tasty fruits with their family and friends.

What’s your Tree of Life like? Do share it here in this post!