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Are there any tears about to fall as you think of the tears you’ve shed all these years?

Are there any emotions still lingering within your soul, locked in some chamber till you authorize them to be released at an appropriate time and place?

When tears fall, a piece of you reaches out to the world in a genuine, heartfelt way. When you are willing to let your tears fall, you express the need to let go your avalanche of emotions, mixed up inside you till it doesn’t make any real sense to stay any longer.

When tears fall, you are humbled by how things sometimes don’t make any sense, and they don’t have to. Just feeling those ‘things’ are enough for you to learn from them.

And when the tears stop falling, honor the end of it. Honor the transition inside you, as those tears transform into another kind of energy, strengthening your heart and soul.

The ability to cry is a gift. Use it well. :-)

here’s a great song for crying.. enjoy :