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Why I love The Wonder Method™

I have been learning and applying The Wonder Method™ since 4 years ago when I was pregnant with my first child. This is a very gentle healing modality so the 'quieter' your mind is, the easier it is for you to feel the results. As a first time mom it was very tough for me to quiet my mind and tune in, but once I was able to use The Wonder Method™ with more ease, it is now my go-to healing modality that I use several times each day. There are several reasons why I just love using The Wonder Method for both self-healing and healing for my family and clients:
1. It is gentle enough for me to feel safe tuning into my negative and complicated feelings.
The Wonder Method™ is such a gentle healing modality that I feel very safe going deeper and deeper into my negative and complicated feelings about any issue I feel bothered about. 
Having done energy healing for 9 years, I have found that doing self-healing on emotional issues is the toughest for me. I would usually find another healer to help me unravel my emotional pains.
With The Wonder Method™, I find that I can allow myself to go really deep and release my emotional pains by myself, and after each session I would feel the lightness in me and feel happy. 
Similarly, my clients find that they don't have to come for multiple sessions to start releasing deep emotional pains. Since this is primarily energy work, and I just give them the space and tools to go deeper within themselves, stuck emotions get released very quickly. 
2. Good vibes would naturally radiate out when negative feelings are acknowledged, accepted and unwound using the The Wonder Method™ instead of trying to feel the good vibes.
Sonia Choquette wrote in her book "Walking Home- a pilgrimage from humbled to healed" that things backfired when she only focused on praying for the positive things in life and tried to keep her anger hidden. It doesn't work if we try to be positive. We have to acknowledge ALL feelings that arise within us, no matter how crazy or wrong or stupid our feelings make us look.
This is also one of the core lessons in Disney-Pixar's animated film "Inside-Out" too! It is just so heartbreaking to watch the 12-year old girl in that movie numb herself to all emotions; that's much worse than watching her cry. When she learned to accept that she was in fact feeling sad about this huge transition in her life, and seek more emotional support from her family, she was then able to make little changes to regain happiness again. 
3. I make better decisions.
Whenever I'm at the crossroads and want to decide on something, I would tune into the possible options using The Wonder Method and feel what is the best option for me. Some options just feel wonderful, whereas others just feel kind of bland, so I know which is the better option for me.

4. I learn to let go of controlling my life too much, and instead follow what my own challenges uncover in me.

There are two parts to using The Wonder Method™: 1) letting the feelings pertaining to the issue in mind unfold, 2) wonder about a positive intention for this issue. 
I used to do the healing by wanting to go straight to the positive intention (how I want the issue to be directed towards), instead of really allowing myself to dive deep into my current feelings about the issue. That caused lots of frustration for me. 
When I do allow myself to tune in before trying to control the situation, amazing things happen. For example, I use this a lot in my healing business. I don't have many clients yet, so whenever I feel frustrated, I would tune in. My recent blog post on Healing Embarrassment documents one of my experiences in self-healing for my business. It uncovered my fear of not getting the 'perfect' podcast out. After writing that blog post, I was still struggling to be more visible in my business, so I used The Wonder Method™ more to unearth deeper issues, and got inspired to seek help from other holistic healing practitioners. Now I know that I was afraid of connecting with more people, which includes new friends, fellow intuitive professionals, and new clients. And that somehow I assumed that if clients leave I must have done something wrong in my sessions. There were many other smaller issues that were uncovered, which would have stayed hidden if I just wanted to emphasize making more money without delving into my frustrations.
5. I practise feeling Grateful constantly.
I love that the exercise of feeling gratitude is already built into The Wonder Method™. Every time I become aware of new feelings in me that I previously wasn't aware of, I'd say 'Thank you', and allow the feelings to unfold with wonder. That is what I emphasize in all my healing sessions too: Feeling hated by this person? Give thanks for being aware of it. Feeling like someone is out to get you? Give thanks for being aware of it.
The act of giving thanks for what you feel frees up more space for these negative feelings to unwind further, so that more wondrous possibilities can open up for you. 
Here are some of the wonderful changes my clients experienced:

Since then, I have healed and fixed an ongoing sexual harassment problem with various men in my life. And I have taken back my right to say no and be respected simply for who I am, exactly as I am now.

-Sarah H.

Where I had given away my power to this person for the last 35 years, by the end of the healing session I gained all my power back. Part roller coaster ride, part dumping ground, part sanctuary, Bingz is a safe place to do the most sacred and delicate work your soul is asking you to do.
-Ana Coeur
You really helped me reconnect my heart with my wounded solar plexus, and since the session I've felt more centered in my body, and energetically less drained.
I hope you have enjoyed reading about the wonders of The Wonder Method! If you are a fellow practitioner please do leave a comment and share what you love about it too!