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What 'Trust' wants to say

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I created this little artwork 5 years ago at an art therapy session. At that point in time I had just withdrawn from my physical therapy course and a career as a physical therapist. I was feeling lost and terribly guilty for failing. 
Now, five years and two sons later, I happened to see this little smiley 'Trust' again. This time, I imagined what it actually wanted to say to me. This was what I got:

"Dear Bingz, things will turn out right. Enjoy the process, knowing that you are safe and loved. That's what you're here in this life right? To enjoy the process, to enjoy the experience of life without holding your breath to let the not-so-good parts pass by, for even those parts, when fully felt, help you deepen your appreciation of this life.

See the smile you added on top of U? Smiling helps you to dissolve your barriers to get your feet wet in life.

The colors remind you that Archangel Raphael is always with you, helping you heal your life, and strengthen your path as a Healer. Trust. Trust in your life purpose as a Healer. Trust that it will work out.

lots of love,


Do you have problems with trusting in your life's flow? What messages would you receive from Trust if it were to speak to you?