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Rediscovering Gentleness through The Wonder Method

This is the first of a four-part series where I share how I rediscovered the quality of Gentleness through:

  1. The Wonder Method
  2. Aroma Freedom Techniques (AFT)
  3. Human Design
  4. Authentic Business

Early Encounters

It was just a normal evening in our rented apartment at Quincy, Massachusetts, USA, somewhere in 2013, as I took a much needed break from looking after my firstborn toddler, and had a healing session over Skype with my Alain Herriot, mentor, teacher and co-founder of The Wonder Method. This time, we were residing in the same country in the USA, with a slightly different time zone. I was feeling confused, lost and overwhelmed over living in a foreign country as a new mom needing to look after my firstborn, and trying to adapt to living with my father-in-law (who was previously staying alone in China) while my husband focused on excelling in his postdoctoral studies. There were so many new changes going on I didn’t have the capacity to use the energy healing skills I have learned many years ago.

As Alain guided me and held space for my feelings, I felt calmer and more present. Even though my pains were still around, I felt more present, more ME. Tears emerged and released the stresses I was holding onto. He kept reminding me, “just feel, don’t judge them, don’t think about them, let them in.. YES! Did you feel the shift?” I love that Alain could feel and describe the energetic changes occurring as I acknowledge and feel my feelings more. No, there was no magical spell being cast to take away my pain, but I felt more present in myself. I felt the gentleness I needed to be more ME. My ‘normal’ evening quietly freed up more space in me in a way that made my ‘normal’ feel more tolerable. It was this subtle gentleness and compassion that made me want to continue my journey of learning, practising and experiencing The Wonder Method.

How I came to know about The Wonder Method

Alain was one of the energy healing instructors who left a deep impression on me when he came over to Singapore in 2007 to teach an advanced class from another healing modality. I loved the way that he was so at ease with himself and so skilled at sensing the energetic movements within each of us. He was funny, gentle and a bit of a mystic to me.

I got to know a few years later from some fellow energy healers that he went on to create his own independent healing modality. I was pregnant with my firstborn at that time and remembered his gentleness and vast compassionate presence, and so I ventured to experience The Wonder Method for myself and loved it. I love how it is intimately connected with sitting back and allowing healing to happen. There is no active 'doing', but rather, more of relaxing into a more open space so that more healing is being observed as unfolding. It felt like watching one of those fantasy movies where the magical land was all wilted and dying as it was overtaken by an evil warlord, then when the childlike queen returns to her rightful throne, she gently swishes a magic wand to restore the dying land to all its colorful vibrancy where flowers bloom, trees stand upright with their evergreen crowns and strange looking magical animals thrive again! Using The Wonder Method reminds me of effortlessly creating magical shifts through gentleness and a sense of childlike wonder.

Gaining Mastery in The Wonder Method

When I came back to live in Singapore again with my first two sons being old enough to be in daycare, I started to light myself up through learning The Wonder Method. Eventually my skills were adept enough to start considering teaching others to learn The Wonder Method as well.

My journey of learning, practising and experiencing The Wonder Method on myself, my loved ones and my clients over the years since then has led me to rediscover the magical ingredient of gentleness. At first it was very easy for me to practise gentleness and hold space for my clients’ healing. Whenever I had healing sessions, or took one of Alain’s 6-week teleclass on learning The Wonder Method (from Levels 1 to 3), it felt absolutely magical. It felt like we were speaking a new language together to describe the energetic shifts in our feelings that initially felt ever so subtle. I felt safe and full of love for myself. I felt like there was sunshine shining its lovely energy on my face. It felt much easier to be gentle on others, but my own “sore spots” in my life were too raw for me to process.

It was only from 2017 onwards that I had enough courage and curiosity to unwind my own life dramas more proactively. And as I held space for more possibilities for healing in my life, I discovered another magical technique called Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT).

(To be continued in the next blog post!)