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Rediscovering Gentleness through Human Design

This is the third post of a four-part series where I share how I rediscovered the quality of Gentleness through:

  1. The Wonder Method
  2. Aroma Freedom Techniques (AFT)
  3. Human Design
  4. Authentic Business

What is Human Design?

My first Human Design teacher, Karen Curry describes Human Design as the Owner's Manual for your Life! It is a modality channeled by late Spiritual Teacher Ra Uru Hu in a spontaneous transmission that lasted for eight days and nights in January 1987. Your Human Design chart is generated by taking your date, time and place of birth so there is some aspect of Eastern and Western Astrology involved too. You can see elements of the Hindu Chakra system, the Chinese I'Ching, as well as the Jewish Kabbalah from the Human Design system too. All these elements give your Human Design Chart an incredible amount of depth and high level of detail. With your Human Design chart, you can gather insights about the hidden and conscious aspects of your personality, how you can make the best decisions for you and understand how external energies may influence or even condition you.

My experiences in applying Human Design

I first officially learned about the fascinating science of Human Design in early 2016 through Karen Curry's book "Understanding Human Design: The New Science of Astrology: Discover Who You Really Are". I love how Karen wrote it in an easily relatable manner.

What caught my attention was how she explained through her unique Human Design chart that she has the gift and challenge of feeling other people's emotions in an amplified manner.

My lightbulb just lit up! That is how I'm wired too, and at that point in time I was still recovering from the trauma of absorbing too much negativity during my internship as a physiotherapy student at a hospital. I suffered terribly from feeling other's emotions so deeply. I was so intrigued that she could just point out a specific energy center in her chart and relate to how that plays out in her day-to-day life!

I also love how she radiates hope and faith in explaining why and how she uses Human Design to help others and herself live up to their greatest potential.

No one is doomed by design or energetically destined to suffer or screw up...

The more you learn about yourself, the more freedom you'll have to create a life that is in alignment with what's right for you.- Karen Curry

After reading up about Human Design, I was filled with a burning desire to know much more. I went through a period of intensive study learning online from Karen Curry and got myself certified as a Level 1 Human Design Specialist.

It was so easy to get lost in the incredible depth and detail in Human Design, and for a while I did get terribly confused when I studied the model entirely mentally. I learned that you cannot predict how someone will behave just by looking his/her chart. There is indeed no perfect chart to have. Even if two people have the exact same birth data and thus the same charts, they can still live out their charts very differently. It is however, a great model to use as a self-reflection / coaching tool to gain more self-awareness and to re-write your life story the way that you want to!

In 2018, I got to form a deeper friendship with Sandy Freschi (a highly gifted and compassionate Human Design coach and Energy Healer) in a business mastermind group, and started receiving monthly coaching lessons from her since Jan 2019 so I can learn to apply Human Design to improve my life in a practical manner.

Defined VS Open Energy Centers

I can go on and on about Human Design, but the rabbit hole just keeps getting deeper and deeper haha! If I can only just show you one aspect of the Human Design chart, it would be this concept of definition in the Energy Centers.

A typical Human Design chart has nine geometric shapes that correspond to nine Energy Centers, which is similar to the seven main chakras in the Hindu chakra system. Every human has all nine energy centers. The difference is in how we can be defined or open in each energy center.

Your Defined Centers represent the energy that you radiate out into the world consistently, the aspects of your personality that is true all the time, independent of any factors in your environment.

Your Open Centers take in and amplify energy and information from the world around you.

The energy in open centers is inconsistent, because it changes depending on whose and which energies you are amplifying at any given time.

We tend to feel more overwhelmed from varying energies that are amplified through our Open Centers.

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How I rediscovered Gentleness through Human Design

Through understanding this simple concept of Defined VS Open Centers, I learned that:

  • It is normal for me to be sensitive because I can see how I am wired that way through my four Open Centers! I learned to honor my sensitivity and be gentler on myself through the amplified energies that I sense. 
  • Because of this amplification in my Open Centers, what I sense in other people may not be the absolute truth! I have since learned to be gentle on my judgments of other people, especially my husband, and take the courage to clarify my thoughts about him with him. 
  • My Defined Centers are where I express the consistent part of my personality. These are the Energy Centers where I feel most 'normal' and even 'quiet energetically' because I do not sense them in an amplified manner. But these are the parts in me that other people in an amplified manner. I am constantly radiating who I am through my Defined Energy Centers. This is the quiet, gentle part of me that I need to honor. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post!

Stay tuned for the next post where I will share how I rediscovered gentleness through creating an Authentic Business.