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My conversation with Fear

Just this afternoon, as I was traveling alone in the subway, I decided to invite Fear to a one-on-one conversation. I’ve had enough of him sneaking up on me whenever I receive a new request for email readings, meet new clients for in-person healing sessions, and just plain worrying about whether clients found my services useful or just plain wrong. He’s like a kid screaming for attention all the time.

I half-expected him to ramble on and on about all the possible fears in my business, but he kept quiet. In the end, I just prompted him:

  • Are you afraid of people saying I’m a fraud? (No…)
  • or that I’m crazy?(No…)
  • Or that they will demand refunds? (No…)
  • Or existing friendships might be ruined? (No…)
  • or… or.. .or…? (No…)

Suddenly I didn’t feel afraid anymore. These fears seemed so insignificant.

I finally gave up and asked him “Well, erm.. any last words you want to tell me?”

He smiled and said “Well yes. I love you.”

He became a tall fatherly figure, and it was then that I realized I've been the child all along. I had every intention of carrying Fear in my arms, but he was fathering me all along. He just wanted me to know that he's always here, helping out in my growth too.

Fear knocked at the door. Love answered and there was no one there.

When was the last time you had a conversation with Fear?