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Living on Purpose from Bingz Healing Hands

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All my life I’ve known that I am special, but somehow most of my life (before I turned 25) was extraordinarily ordinary. The only things that felt magical to me was: time-travel and supernatural fiction, watching The Matrix series, using the art of mind-mapping to make studying much more easier, and sitting in the back of my dad’s car gazing at the stars and never-ending line of cars, hoping one of the passengers would stare back at me. I yearned to fill my life with more magical and meaningful moments. I yearned to have my life reflect the specialness I have always felt in me.

I turn 34 this year (2015). Ever since I discovered energy healing 9 years ago I knew that navigating the energetic layer was the special ingredient that I need. Several leaps of faith were taken, and some leaps didn’t turn out so well, but I am grateful to finally appreciate the lessons within too. I am finally starting to live my initial dream of building my healing practice and am so glad that it has also evolved to include many other elements I never thought were important. Looking back at my pursuit of this dream 9 years ago, I would like to share these 5 tips to help live your life on purpose:

1. Listen to your pain

The first piece of advice I would give anyone who is feeling stuck in their lives is to listen to their pains, be it emotional and/or physical pain.

It would have been nice to just follow the gentle nudges of my intuition but there were a few occasions that my ego just ignored it for fear of being pulled out of my comfort zone into the big unknown. Then the "wrongness" of my path became so huge that it manifested as emotional pain, and that pain was enough to override all my initial fears.

My life changed dramatically as I followed what my pain was telling me:

  • Changing professions from one that felt meaningless to another that made me feel so very much alive. I jumped onto a sponsored full-time course in physical therapy that would lead to a career as a physical therapist. I felt that the analytical and medical training would complement my energy healing skills and make me more effective in helping people feel better.
  • Withdrawing from the physical therapy course two years later to honour my sensitivity and path as an energy healer even though it's definitely the path less travelled.
  • Using crochet to heal my battered soul at a time when I was too depressed to do effective energy healing on myself. It was so refreshing to do self-healing in such a grounded way that provided creative expression too.
  • Tuning back into my soul during a long period when I was feeling miserable taking care of my firstborn in a foreign land. Knowing that I am a divine being living a human life made me feel more empowered to overcome my life’s challenges.

2. Do not monetize your interests before they become passions

Yes I made that mistake thrice! Monetizing your passions was all the rage at the time when I was clueless and not that thrilled about my first job as an engineering executive in a huge company. I was in such a hurry to find meaningful work that I tried to monetize all my interests before they became passions:

  • I taught a basic hip hop class because I wanted to see if I could make some side income from it, but I had so much more to learn about perfecting my own techniques before I could teach properly.
  • I charged for energy healing sessions but didn't get good business because I did not give myself enough practice sessions to feel confident enough and to understand the importance of engaging my client in the healing process.
  • I was even obsessed with crocheting bowtie bibs to sell for a profit when what I really needed was to continue practicing and playing with what else I wanted to create through crochet.

Money and creativity are both governed by the sacral chakra. My unwillingness to venture deep and explore stifled my money flow. I needed to nurture my own creativity by putting more time and effort in my varied interests, turning them into true passions before I was able to monetize them.

3. The drama that shows up in our lives is a way to help us ground our dreams

Following our dreams is important, but because they originated in our minds, it can be tempting to leave other people out when building our dreams and thus alienating ourselves from our loved ones in the process.

You have to ground your dreams by connecting with like-minded people who can support you in spirit and/or in action. If you choose to live in your bubble instead, sooner or later, your bubble will just burst unexpectedly in the form of drama.

For me my dream was to build my energy healing practice and make it my profession, but I failed to confide fully in my fiancé exactly how big this dream meant to me and what all my fears were about.

Enrolling myself into this sponsored course that I mentioned earlier on was one of the huge leaps of faith that brought on painful consequences because I didn’t seek help in planning this move.

It did not work out the way I planned at all and I paid a high emotional and financial price for taking it on only to withdraw from it prematurely. The guilt piled on when I could see how there were other much better and less drastic options I could have taken.

Now I confide in people I can trust with as I slowly but surely realize my dream. It's still the same dream of owning a sustainable energy healing practice, but it feels so much easier when I have support from people who want to see my dream come true.

4. Do not be in a hurry to "get" your life purpose

Gone are the days when our ambitions are based on occupations such as becoming a doctor, an actress, an artist etc. I now realize that my life purpose is not just about serving through energy healing. It’s about stepping fully into all that I am passionate about: healing, nurturing, playing, writing and crocheting, and that different life experiences are continually moulding me into who I am now. For example, being a new mother to two young sons has heavily influenced the way I connect with people and to myself, and this motherhood experience is still evolving as my relationship with my children evolves. Life is continually unfolding as I continue to unfold in my own life. I don’t need to get the full picture of what my life is NOW, but what’s really important for me is to be embrace being ME in every moment.

5. Follow your "background hum"

All sensitive souls can feel this background hum in their lives. When we are connected to this background hum, even though we still encounter difficulties in life, we are somehow comforted by this background hum that seems to say:

"It's alright. I am loved and supported. Life feels Right. I am on the right track that feels fulfilling to me."

After I listened to my pains, got patient enough to explore and nurture my interests, found people whom I can trust to support me in building my dream, things started flowing with much more clarity and ease than before. I was then able to listen to my background hum and know if I have ‘diverted’ my path too far away to feel this hum. I guess this would be what people refer to more commonly as intuition or signs from their spirit guides, but I like this term ‘background hum’ :)

I sure hope that my sharing has helped you gain more insight into your own life and what you can do to move further into a more fulfilling life living your purpose.