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Let your Actions arise from your Being

· presence
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I am changing the focus of my business towards helping new moms feel revitalized and this message just came out this early morning. As I reflected on how I used to just be in survival mode taking care of my boys when they were in the newborn phase, I realized I felt drained not only because of the lack of sleep, but also because I forgot about my Beingness. I forgot about tuning into my presence.

We have so much to learn from our babies. They are simply brimming with life force energy and fully focused on BEING. Yes they need milk; they cry, they pee and poop. That is all part of living a human life. But as we nurse them, comfort them, and change their diapers, we can do all these with more presence. These simple, mundane actions are acts of care-giving. They are all acts of love and when we do them with love we feel less drained and we are more aware of when we need more assistance from others.
As we do things with our full presence we are also more trusting of the natural flow of the Universe.