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Gift of Enlightenment Board Game

My healing insights :)
My mummy-healer friend just got this new board game called the Gift of Enlightenment and was really excited to play it with me. Last Wednesday we finally met up to play it while attending to our one-year olds and making sure that they don't destroy our game at the same time. That was one mean feat! 
How to Win the Game
I won't elaborate too much on the details of the game. 
The two main things you'll have to accomplish are:
1) collect all 7 chakra stones by winning each chakra challenge that tests your intuition in different ways
2) All your Humanity cards must be positive. (each player gets dealt with 5 Humanity cards randomly at the beginning of the game which can have a mix of positive and negative qualities)
My healing insights from playing this Game
I've been worshiping a False Idol
I was in love with the idea that a mother who makes sacrifices is a good mother, and I want to be a good mother. This led to lots of resentment in not having enough time and space for myself. I feel very restricted that I can't do many things that I'd like to do while taking care of my toddler during weekdays, and both boys when my three year old is not in day care.
Now I am ready to replace this with a new belief that a mother who loves herself whole-heartedly is a wonderful mother who leads by example. 
I've been too self-critical
This was one of the negative Humanity cards I received in the beginning. I think this is related to my first point and both points mean that I don't love myself enough. 
I thought my self-love improved a while ago, but I think it got worse in the midst of adjusting to the huge recent transition in my life. 
Working on self-love does not come easy for me. I can get lost in hammering myself and then the people around me, so this needs to be a constant conscious effort on my part.
I've been feeling sad and lonely
Being an introverted stay-at-home-mom feels like a sad and lonely path for me. I crave both more time and space to be myself AND to have some interaction with other adults too. 
Though this was actually quite an obvious 'phenomenon' for me, playing this game allowed me to consciously acknowledge this fact and thus be more ready to let it go and welcome more friends in my life. It is also important for me to communicate more openly with my husband on how I want to spend time with him. Once I did that, I could feel us our chemistry becoming more alive again :)
I failed to acknowledge and appreciate the help I've been getting
And the funny thing is that when I acknowledged that I've been feeling sad and lonely and declared to myself that I was ready to let that go, I actually realized there was an 'Archangel' card I could use to win my last chakra challenge!
I think this applies to my life as well: I started to pay more attention to the little help I've been receiving from my family and friends, melting the resentment I was feeling. 
My Gift of Enlightenment
In the end I won! We were both just one step to winning the game so it was a really close shave!
The winner gets to have a 'gift of enlightenment', which is a short passage from the little Book of enlightenment that is based on your chosen chakra and Humanity card. I chose the Humanity card "Grace" and the crown chakra "Violet". So this was the passage I received:
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The part under "Violet" really clicked with me because earlier that morning I got to learn a really cool technique from my The Wonder Method instructor on accessing different dimensions within me. I felt this sweet feeling of divine Love and Truth. 
Gratitude :)
So that sums up my experience of playing the game! I was pretty amazed that in the frenzy of looking after our kids and the board game at the same time we could still enjoy the game and learn from it. I am very grateful to my friend for introducing this game to me and playing it with me! 
Have you played this game before? I'd love to hear about your healing insights too!