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Podcast #4: The man in the moon

Hi everyone!
Starting from this podcast, I'll be posting a transcript here in this blog post so that you can have a read and decide if you want to listen to it. The energies are embedded in the podcast using The Wonder Method.
Podcast Transcript:
Hello I'm Bingz from, and this is the 4th podcast of The Wonder Method series. The Wonder Method is a healing modality that I use for all my healing sessions.
I've had this idea to do a podcast on being kind and gentle to yourself, because I feel that as Empaths, we are often harsher to ourselves and kinder to others. Being kind and gentle to ourselves sounds nice, but it feels really difficult to do. 
Recently I chanced upon a book set titled "The Guardians" by William Joyce, and in it he wrote about the Man in the Moon being the First Guardian of the children of Earth. And in the book he wrote that the Man in The Moon has the kindest, gentlest face you've ever seen. That instantly brought a warm, reassuring and comforting feeling to me. So, the main intention of this Man in the Moon podcast is to use this book character as an anchor to help you be kind and gentle to yourself. Now, let me tell you more about this Man in the Moon:

The man in the moon is very warm and friendly and reassuring. He has the kindest gentlest face you've ever seen. His voice is velvety and musical

Every night he would send moonbeams down to the children of earth to make sure that they are safe from harm and safe to dream happy good dreams.

I invite you to spend a couple of minutes to feel the energies of the man in the moon. You don't have to actively reach out or imagine anything. Simply feel with your whole body. I will pause here for a few moments for you to tune in better to his energies.

Do you feel his kindness and gentleness? Now I invite you to wonder what it might be about for you to be kinder to yourself for at least the next 24 hours: your inner child, to your body, to your dreams, to your challenges and to the people you care about. Let in the kindness. Let in the gentleness.

And now we have come to the end of this man in the moon podcast. I hope you have enjoyed this podcast and as always I welcome your feedback on it as well as ideas for future podcasts. Have a wonderful day or peaceful night ahead. This is Bingz signing out. Bye bye! :)