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Do what makes you happy, yes, really!

Do what makes you happy. Let your happy "Doing" cultivate your "Being", which in turn inspires even more happy "Doing"!
Doing things that make you happy gives you happy vibes, and expands your aura. And when you're a happy being you get more inspiration that lead to more happy things for you to do!
Sometimes, in order to find what makes you happy, you have to be open to explore and feel anger, frustration, fear, sadness and other 'unhappy' emotions first.
When I first learned crochet, I was so frustrated and wanted to cry because I paid for a package and it was so difficult to get the tension in my fingers right and place the crochet hook through the damn hole! But I stuck to it, and played, and experimented with different patterns. Soon it felt like crocheting DOES make me HAPPY! ^^
Doing things that make you happy may not seem to be practical. But do it anyway. You don't have to keep thinking how to contribute to the world every time. What you enjoy doing can be silly, or fun or just seem weird to everyone else. But do it anyway. Your happiness matters. And your happiness has a healing effect on the world.
I hope you continue to explore and find what makes you happy and that you keep on doing things that make you happy! ^^