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Coming out of hiding

The challenge of being Visible
Being an introvert and an Empath, I've always wanted to hide myself from the True Me. Though I don't really know what the full extent of the True Me is exactly, I know that I am hiding when I am hiding.
The photo of me on top shows the most liberated ME I've ever seen. It was at a lovely retreat where we ate raw food for 3 days and did lots of movement, sound and silent meditations. Being out there in nature and connecting to my spirit feels liberating to me.
Dance also helped me to come out of hiding. This dance video was part of my dance assignment in a year's program of exploring different dance genres, including Jazz, Contemporary dance, Ballet and Dance improvisation. It was a lot of fun, and very, very scary! I have always been conscious of how my body looks, so when I had to do this solo showcase, I thought of creating this costume for me to hide in, come out of it for a while, then go back in. 
I suddenly thought of this dance video again in the middle of the night. I think this is my guides' letting me know why I have been lagging behind in this 30-day blogging challenge: I am getting a little uncomfortable getting more visible in my business! Watching this video made me feel awkward, surprised and proud at the same time. If I could pull this off in 2007, I can do this again standing proud in my healing practice! 
So here it is if you'd like to watch it! (please watch from 00:21 onwards). Please bear in mind that I am not a professional dancer, just a girl who loves to dance :) 
Have you been hiding in some areas of your life? Are you just beginning to show more of yourself? How have your adventures in coming out of hiding been? Do share!