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Being an Empowered Empath

My three-step framework

I find that there are three steps to help Empaths stay grounded and honor their openness too. Here is a quick introduction to how each of the three steps is important in helping you become an empowered Empath.

1) BE Gentle

As Empaths you are highly sensitive to energies from others and can seem a lot more reactive than the people around you. When you give permission to be gentle on yourself and others, it becomes much easier to let go of resistances to healing.

2) BE You

How can you prevent yourself from being overwhelmed by energies from people, events or even planetary movements such as the Full Moon and Mercury Retrogrades? If you do not want to get lost in the energies from your external environment, then it is important to spend most of your time being you, even when you are interacting with people and events around you. Shift your focus from having 90% of your attention on the Outside, to having 90% or even 99% of your attention focused Inside of you.

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Spend more time being you. When you reconnect to yourself energetically, you regain self-confidence and self-love. And what will you do with your life if you love and believe in yourself? Focus your energies and time to nurture and grow your passions. Go do those things and chase those dreams that define who you are now.

3) Stay Open

When you experience the outside environment while staying grounded in you, magic happens. You can bring more healing and positive changes to your world. You start honouring your innate ability to truly empathise with others.

You can stay Open while still being you.

I believe that as Empaths, being energetically open to others can be a beautiful gift for the collective humanity. I also believe that as more of us are releasing childhood and ancestral traumas, more people will start to realize that they are indeed Empaths too and thus it is even more important for all of us who already know we are Empaths to become more grounded and empowered.

Tools I use to implement this framework

I find that the top three common tools I use are:

1) The Wonder Method - a beautiful healing modality that I have been learning and using for my clients, my loved ones and myself for the past eight years.

2) Young Living Essential Oils - gentle high vibrational healing energies to quickly bring calmness and centredness.

3) Human Design - I help my clients learn which parts of their personalities are consistent in them, and how they are uniquely open and affected by external energies. It becomes easier to detect which energies are theirs and which ones are inherited from others.

I am so excited to finally have such improved clarity in my healing practice to help fellow Empaths! I look forward to helping and inspiring more Empaths to stay grounded and be empowered in their empathic gifts :)

Please do feel free to reach out to me at if you feel that I may be able to be of assistance to you.